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Let me guess, these ILLEGALS will end up voting for Obama?

They are ADMITTING they are committing crimes, so why are they not being ARRESTED!!!????

I simply am dumbfounded by this.

If I get drunk today and get in a car and start yelling to the cops I am drunk, guess what? I"M GOING TO JAIL!!!!

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And this is a State Senator? Completely classless, completely obnoxious and immature behavior, yet her constituents must be pretty stupid, honestly. Who the hell would vote for her?

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WOW. I'm the same age too. I am shocked. I just Googled Andrew and he was scheduled to be on a radio show today? He must of passed suddenly? RIP Andrew, God Bless your family and they are in my prayers.

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Born that way? No, you were not born a freak of nature, you became that way because you chose to be an idiot.

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Bottom line, if gas prices are $2.50 per gallon RIGHT NOW, our economy improves literally overnight. Period. Obama needs to go NOW.

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And yes, Obama lovers, your man will NOT get the majority of the Catholic vote again. They will not be fooled again.

Punk liar.

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Of course we are numb nuts! We pray for high gas prices, go HIGHER AND HIGHER until we bottom out this economy and Americans are FORCED to vote your dumb a$$ out of office.

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F you fat RINO

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Hey Chris. Lose some weight. Evil is relevant yes.