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She had her sex organs cut up to please her lover, then her lover wasn't pleased with the results. Now, that's got to hurt pretty deep. Maybe deep enough to go off the deep end. That's my view of the case. Personally, I think sex change operations should be outlawed. They just don't make sense. Someone who would allow that to be done to their body has to have a bunch of screws loose. Treat the mental illness, don't cut up the person's body on the thought it will make them well.

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This is why I do not wear a seatbelt. I was in an accident, and my car burst into flames. I had trouble getting out of the car and would have been burned alive if a kind stranger hadn't stopped and pulled me out. It is my choice whether or not to wear a seatbelt. I choose not to, because I do not want to be trapped in a burning car.

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Wrong, wrong, wrong. Cliff is a good young man who made a few mistakes -- who among us hasn't? -- but he is straightening things out. And it's not like he beat someone up, or stole anything. He just drove too fast and was slow in clearing up his old tickets. But he's cleared them up now.

Cliff deserves a second (or third) chance to play for the Ducks. He's a good guy and a great football player. And please don't forget that he is part of the reason we had such a great season last year. Without Cliff's interceptions and punt returns, we would not have won all those games. Thanks, Cliff. We still love you.

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No illegal activity? According to the Oregonian, there were reports of protesters stealing from each other, and of a sexual assault in one of the tents. Those sound like illegal activities.

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Is there something wrong with working in a nursery? Are you suggesting that a smart person would only work at an intellectual-type job? If that's what you're saying, then you're not only a snob, but a snob who makes wrong assumptions. There are very smart people in all walks of life, and in all occupations.

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You're not very kind. I think he sounds like a really nice person. And I would never call him "pathetic." I would call him kind-hearted and sincere. The world could use more people like him.

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shadowlynne -- Would you please stop screaming? There is enough emotion in this case, without you freaking out and screaming at the top of your lungs.

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Perhaps you didn't know that LeGarrette was raised by his grandmother, and his grandmother died just a few days ago. The young man is hurting, and this incident -- which wouldn't even be reported if it was anyone else -- is being blown out of proportion. Let's give LeGarrette Blount our best wishes and our prayers in this time of sadness at the loss of his grandmother. I know that I've made mistakes in my life, and sometimes I've made the same mistake more than once, but thank God there are good people out there who gave me a second or third chance in spite of my mistakes. Let's give LeGarrette Blount the benefit of the doubt and not use this incident to rub salt in his wounds.

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One more thing. When attorney Houze had the opportunity to comment on this case to local news media, he politely declined to say anything. That is a fact. You can look it up on local TV station websites. And that is the reason that I believe attorney Houze is ethical and not seeking publicity. Based on factual material I have seen. If you have any facts to the contrary, please bring them forth.

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Just because something is in the news does not make it true. The source of that rumor (and yes, you admit it is rumor) about Houze shopping for book rights was blinkoncrime. They just made up that story, it had no factual basis at all.

And yes, it would be unethical for a criminal defense attorney to be out seeking "licensing and publishing rights" for his client whose case has not yet gone to trial. You can certainly see how that would be a conflict of interest. If the lawyer had an interest in his client getting more publicity to make more money, that could interfere with what was best for the client from a legal point of view. Maybe you did not understand this, but as I explain it, surely you can see the dilemma the lawyer would have. And to avoid that type of situation, an ethical lawyer in Houze's position would never go shopping for book rights for his client.

If you want to operate on rumor and innuendo, I can't stop you. But I do think it's wrong to assume bad things about a person you don't know, based on an unsubstantiated rumor from a questionable website.