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What's with the negative attitude? Don't you know that you have achieved nothing on your own; that what you have achieved is because government has been by your side? That is what Pres. Obama said, so it must be so. How about a little gratitude? (:

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Arrrrr! Avast ye lubbers. Give 'em a broadside mateys and they be walkin' the plank to Davey Jones' locker.

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"Mead knows he can't prevent vandalism, but he can try to teach young people about nature"

Sure. We can also try to teach armed robbers about free enterprise.

If these vandals are caught and are under 18, we can teach their parents about the criminal justice system, hauling their butts into court and hitting them with a $10,000 fine or a year in jail.

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The current crime and violence situation in Seattle has been decades in the making. I shook my head and rolled my eyes at the story yesterday about Seattle considering obtaining acoustic monitors that can pinpoint the precise location of a gunshot. Might as well just hang out a white flag on city hall.

If Seattle won't go back to the drawing board and decide what needs to be done to make the city safe for good citizens and a living hell for bad citizens in a pragmatic and systematic, rather than politically correct, way then things can only get worse.

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If I was a Honduran drug lord and wanted to set up operations in the USA, I would choose a sanctuary city so that the feds would not be involved, or I would choose cities in Arizona where the feds have withdrawn cooperation with state and local law enforcement.

Thanks, Seattle.

Thanks Obama and Holder.

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Spare me the lawmaker outrage. During the Beijing Summer Olympics, the IOC had to constantly monitor air quality to see if events could take place, while we prided ourselves on our clean air and water. Our federal and state governments have spent decades outsourcing pollution and jobs. All of that pollution from making our stuff doesn't stay in China, India, Mexico, etc., it becomes part of the global atmosphere, so NIMBY is a fallacy.

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Won't be surprised if Sacramento is next.

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If he is truly responding to treatment, I wish him much success as a conservative.

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Or князь Мы́шкин for the Dostoyevskyites. (:

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What proof is there that 25% of black people of voting age in Texas do not have some form of photo ID? I find that rather hard to believe and would not be at all surprised if it is a figure manufactured for the purpose. Even for the most indigent, I don't think it is too much to ask that people have photo ID in order to receive federal and state welfare benefits.