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Go Harry Go !!

Maybe the teacher, or Kaine's friends, will provide a scent article...or would that search, if successful, prove Kaine to be 'involved' ? no wonder he's soo reluctant to assist & more worried about divorce, stealing a 2 yo from her mother & grandmother, than he is about finding Kyron. If he did, he'd jump at the chance to provide Kyron's jacket, or backpack, or jammies.

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Considering he worked SAR onsite at the Oklahoma City Fed Bldg Bombing, alongside venerated SAR from Fairfax County, I'd get out the napkin you'll use to wipe the crow you'll be eating off your mouth, nwsarchick. Your nearsightedness is one reason perhaps Kyron wasn't found, with all those resources at LE's disposal 4 weeks ago. If it were your kid missing, I'm sure a "state certificate" wouldn't mean krap if he found your kid. And the more you spout attitude out your teeth, the more credence I give to Mr. Oakes' version of events in working with LEOs from other jurisdictions who couldn't get the job done.

Personally, I'd bet your last paycheck that a border collie he's trained far exceeds any you use that the state has trained. I've checked his training philosophy & it's right-on.

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The family may have been receiving threats based on the situation of Kyron being missing & the community blaming SM, which would really be awful to have to pile on, on top of the turmoil they’re going through. Perhaps that’s the justification Kaine used, both to her, then in his RO against her. Who called 911?
1. I can’t help but think SM was taken advantage of when she & her son moved in 5 yrs ago to take care of Kyron. Was she paid by Kaine, in addition to room & board? I mean, to be a professional & not be working, while Kaine is, seems to yield all the financial power to him, none to her, & is very one-sided/lopsided. I realize she went for her Master’s; did Kaine pay for it? I hope so, if she wasn’t paid for taking care of his son.
2. SM’s son & Kaine weren’t getting along after 5 yrs together, yet SM was making sacrifices for the family. It seems like Kaine COULD HAVE joined the Boy Scouts with his Step-Son, done the things James’ father is doing now, things to nurture the teen along & build a good relationship. It’s the parent’s/step-parent’s responsibility to find a way if things aren’t working out….get counseling together, not just be rigid & controlling….teens are difficult years to parent but it’s a 2-way street……….did Kaine do his part or was he too wrapped up in the younger children to meet the needs of the older child? Did he make James’ feel like the “odd-man-out”, “the fifth-wheel”? Yet, James’ Mom was doing her part with Kyron’s Dad. I imagine a rift could’ve developed leading up to James’ move out, & afterward when SM was w/o HER Son yet Kaine wasn’t, & when SM was taking care of Kaine’s Son yet Kaine wasn’t taking care of Her Son. This is when I think things first went South…and “somebody” first consulted (or thought of consulting) a Divorce Attorney. (and the other one should’ve) It sure is seeming to be like Kyron’s disappearance is more of a negative “quid pro quo” than “nefarious” except that it’s a child’s life we’re talking about.
3. SM may have done a “Fargo” & made sure Kaine knew what it’s like to not have a son around as she may have felt he did to her/them; a son that you dearly love more than life itself….meaning for it to be temporary. Kyron may be fine, just not local. I’m wondering if SM had a part in it, if she made an “out” in the plan, or if it went awry.
4. Taking Kiara in a situation of “tit-4-tat” would make more sense to me, and ups the ante in this dynamic. There’s no winners, only losers. Too bad they both didn’t seek out a counselor, or a few, before getting to this point if indeed it’s all a part of the divorce game they’ve been playing for the last 8 mos or more.
JMHO after watching NG, reading more articles & posts.

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This may be an unpopular opinion at the moment. It strikes me that Kaine Horman, having a brother who’s on the path to being a RSO, not just an SO, might have his own inadequacies & predilictions, & may be immoral/unethical like his brother. He strikes me as a person who isn’t very savvy in social skills, might be quite “anal” or OCD, and be somewhat intolerant toward his partner or in his personal life. I judge him based on what happened in his brief marriage to Desiree Young – the fact that it didn’t take long for her to call it quits with him yet she seems happily married now; the fact that in her own words, she feared Kaine would not only take baby Kyron, but also HER SON from her previous marriage. He sounds possessive to me, and over-reactionary.
One concern I had at reading his “optional actions” “Directive” email to coworkers at Intel was that he said he’d contacted Intel’s LEGAL DEPT already…I thought, “what for?” at the time…..why contact Intel Legal at all, when the MCSO, PPD, & the FBI were handling things…wouldn’t they contact Intel Legal IF it became necessary??? I mean, contacting Intel HR to take a 6 mos Leave of Absence, I’d understand, but Legal?????
It only makes sense to me that he used Intel Legal to get a list of Family Law attorneys in the area that he could contact, but I think at the time it was still very early in the search, after TH took her first poly, the search was first being scaled back, the white truck had just been taken by LE, & the Questionnaires hadn’t been collected yet.
All in all, I think he’s as damaged as TH is, in his own way. I think between June 21-25 he received information leading him to the Family Law attorney. That was a boilerplate Divorce Petititon, which was very vague in property matters but specific on child custody/support, in support of the Ex Parte RO. It would’ve taken 2 days to get out, but he probably had it finalized by the time he appeared with Desiree on the TV interviews. No wonder he appeared stiff, cold, & didn’t look at Desiree whatsoever.
In his 2nd presser, with Desiree, he seemed to speak to TH when he said something to the effect, “we can work things out when Kyron comes back.” I think he was giving her subtle hint that he was gonna Act First, Ask Questions Later….some people put it this way: “It’s better to apologize later than to ask permission beforehand” ….. Apparently in Oregon, If there’s no hearing on the Divorce petition, it’ll get dismissed in 180 days. (see bottom note, pg 2?, in the petition). So he drew the line in the sand, pre-emptively “attacked” by filing these legal actions when she least expected AND took her daughter, her pride & joy. She should’ve taken Desiree’s experience to heart.
In a way, it almost seems like he’s sending a clear yet punitive message, “I’m missing my Kyron, now you’ll find out what it’s like to miss “your” Kiara.” tit-4-tat. I’m not sure I’m liking this guy so much. It’s still unclear whether he’s such a great family guy.
If they were both swingers, he couldn’t blame TH alone for bringing risk into their lives. Who’s to say he isn’t/wasn’t fooling around, or didn’t set up TH in this. There’s so little information.
And Kyron’s still out there. So much for his “Kyron should be the focus” as one would’ve expected from the BioDad.
Unless TH gets a GJ indictment pronto, or other evidence comes to light, he seems to have blown his load early.
Poor Kyron.
(disclaimer: this is JMHO. obviously, not gonna be popular. nor relevant if TH is indicted by a GJ soon).