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This is so fucking classic, I had to log on just to say....not just yeah. But hell yeah. Also I made an impression on someone I forwarded this to.
I love this site. Keep it up, y'all. And thanks.

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Now, I know, what it feelslike to say - I just washed my brain in bleach. Followed the links; Kept waiting for the punchline. It never came. Apparently there is two or three of them, there.

I used to live in Houston. I still have friends in Houston...and this guy is no Sam Houston. He does not represent Houston. Houston doesn't deserve this. Can someone who's there, take care of this?

CreepyD: " I live in Houston, Texas. Name the time and place. I will gladly meet you and spit on the ground in front of you. Here's my cell 979-848-4575. Call me or text me with a time and place. I do travel. So, I could meet you somewhere's else in the U.S."

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Person who GOTV, Buddy.

I'm having a field day here. Sorry I've been away for so long. Frankly, can I be frank?

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I'm probably nobody, maybe I'm everybody. I have always appreciated your posts.

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Dick's been suspiciously silent for a couple of days.

Maybe somebody should check on him?

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"Imbed(ded)....with General Betray Us"
"Sharing Hardship with the Troops...and Their Commander"
"Awesome ? Or Incredibly Awesome"
"Yes, I Did Pinch Him"
"Good Distractions from War"
"I Want to Help You with Your Project"
"He Dropped His Guard With Me"
"No Dirty Secrets....Peaches"

"He goes All In"

Oh shit, she is married too.

OK. I quit. I resign.

"Awesome Sell Out" is my final answer.

OMG. This is writing itself!

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All In?

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I can't even get past the 2 minute mark, and I'm wondering. Is Jon Stewart prescient?
Because, someone should investigate *that*.

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When I hit the send button I was automatically deleted? WTF. I simply said thanks for this video.

I wondered who the black woman was, on the third row behind the blonde. I was kind of mesmerized by her smile, and I further wondered if she already knew the real decision and was just kind of holding back.

Why was I automatically deleted? Anyhow. This video is priceless. So I appreciate seeing it. Thanks for posting it!

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"And let’s not forget some solution to the previous debt ceiling deal’s major cuts to everything, forever, that are already in the pipeline lest a compromise can be found."

Let's not and also. Let know one say they didn't see this coming. It's almost two dramatic for my words.

Clearly, the President cannot wave a wand and force the issue. As I understand it, he doesn't have to. Let the cuts expire, and the automatic cuts begin. I fail to see Republicans' strategery on this issue. Then again that is par for the course for me.