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I'm about as conservative as one can be and I can't get excited about Romney when it takes all he can muster to hold off people in his own primary, in the State he grew up in. Romney has the money, the endorsements and the media on his side and he continues to limp along towards being the Republican presidential Candidate.

I won't vote for Romney. The best he can offer is to be the lesser of two evils. We have settled for the lesser of two evils until the whole country borders on becoming evil. Give me a real honest to goodness Conservative candidate and stop trying to B.S. me. Romney is not now a Conservative and never has been a Conservative. No amount of money or media fawning over him will make him one.

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Issa like his pal Boehner needs to grow a pair. These two gutless Republicans told us how they were going to straighten Obama and crew up and that's all we got,hot air. Neither Issa or Boehner has the balz to carry out anything they told us they were going to do. They cave in on every issue.

For sure, the Democrats are wrecking our country but remember this, they couldn't get it done without the worthless Republicans letting them get away with it. A pox on both their houses. Worthless dammmnned politicians.

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Romney worry about fending off anybody?

Mitt has no worries because the media is taking real good care of him. If Santorum looks like he may pose a challenge to Mitt, the media will pounce on him and with a couple well placed stories, destroy him and his chances at POTUS.

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I'm not surprised that Romney is catching up to Newt. Even the most fair of news sites is leaning pro Romney and posting a lot of negative stories about Newt.

When this country of ours finally succumbs, the media will have played a huge part in it. There is no more real journalism, it is almost impossible to find a" fair and balanced" news source these days, including the one claiming to be so. They all have an agenda to promote.

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Rove, Coulter and clan think they are the Republican Party. There are a lot of us out here that are fed up with the Republican hierarchy. Screw them. There nothing but gasbags.

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You won't find anybody that does a job correctly the first time working for the gover-mint.

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I won't get over it. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. We've been doing that for decades and that is what got us in the mess we are in now.

If the Repubs can't give us a legitimate conservative candidate, SCREW THEM!!!!

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I'm seeing the same thing. Fox is really pushing Romney. They are more worried about saving "Crony Capitalism" than they are about getting the U.S. straightened out. To them, capitalism is the country. I'm really disgusted with the Repubs and the bias I'm seeing in the conservative media.

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Hey Newt,,,screw saving the country. We have to save crony capitalism so all the rich Repubs can continue to rape the people just like Obama did with his bailouts. Newt,,,don't you know it's our turn now?

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Romney wins in N.H.?

What did he win? He couldn't even hit 40% in a state where he had his political machine working bigtime, a state that borders MA. where he was governor.
He did okay but I don't think 39% with all the effort and being a neighbor to N.H. is a big deal. I'm not impressed and I won't vote for Romney if he does win the Republican primary.