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As someone going through the process (finally approved after hitting the cap a couple of years so stuck here as a "non resident alien" with all the problems that offers) I'd certainly like to see it become much more streamlined and predictable.
I have a degree and 20 years experience. I'm not coming here to bludge off the healthcare system but to be a productive consumer. Heck, I've even bought a Mustang!
Now we're approved I still have to leave the country (with wife and daughter in tow), go to a US embassy and get another stamp in my passport and come back... knowing a border guard could still turn me away!
And then I've got the green card process to look forward to... and if I actually want to become a citizen that might be done in time for one of Obamas kids to be running for office!

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this implies for one moment that the bloated, inefficient machine that apparently runs this country would allow any real accountability to creep into the process.

I'm perhaps a little more cynical than most (and as a non voting non citizen I'm taxed without representation which I feel is even more unfair) but until we incorporate the princliples of accountability into Government, the Civil Service, Defence spending etc and reform the current tax code (by putting a line through it, rebuilding from scratch on a simple loophole free proposition) a significant percentage of the trillion dollars will not benefit the vast majority of taxpayers and citizens.

I watch the cost of the war, and Bush spending tax payers dollars to under-write commercial logging of 2000 year old sequoia forests and wonder what the Founding Fathers would have to say - "Begads" would, I suspect, just be the start of it!

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It looks very neat. But it doesn't solve the one big problem I have... MP3 libraries scattered over 4 machines, some files with better tags. Some songs duplicated, some songs the same filename but better quality... and a manual process to sort out what I want as the master!

Now if they could create an add-on to do that sort of data management it would rock!