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I too have been fantasizing about winning that contest, but mostly about all the ways I would Lose My Shit and how I'd have to write down everything I wanted to say to her ahead of time in order to have the slightest hope of being coherent.

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I have also opened emails with "Hey Ladies!" But now I do it a little bit ironically and in hope that someone will recognize it as a Toast reference. No success so far, alas.

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I think they might be young enough that they had no adult life before Seamless and Uber.

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Came down here to say exactly this! WHAT HAPPENED TO CHARLOTTE??

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John McWhorter is my cousin (by marriage)! He is just as delightful in real life as his writing is! I think _Doing Our Own Thing_ is my favorite of his books that I've read.

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The women's suffrage movement in the U.S. grew out of the abolition movement, so I'm not sure that Phebe's involvement in abolition necessarily made her "non-racist" (in the sense that some other suffragists who went through the same path definitely were racist).

Also, her maiden name was Coffin? Was she related to Lucretia Coffin Mott and Martha Coffin Wright?

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first of all: this is an awesome series and I love it, I mostly lurk/am too late to comment but I appreciate it!

Second, how did I not know that Jane Addams won a Nobel Peace Prize? Go Jane Addams!

Third, the word feminist was totally in use by the 1910s, so even if we couldn't celebrate pre-feminist women, we could still celebrate the International Congress of Women!

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Is it acceptable to give sweaters away after you've worn them for a while? So you're still making them for *yourself* but eventually they can also have a good home somewhere cold?

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Yes and no. I exaggerated in the first half of my comment - I was thinking that characters want to have sex with people they're not married to, and that causes problems. But you're right, it's not sex itself that's the problem.
BUT - I still think Anne is vilified for not wanting to have sex with Fredrick, and that bothers me. To be clear, *I* don't think she's a monster, I was referring to when Desiree calls her monstrous (for not having sex).

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My family just all speed-reads that at once and whoever's the last one still talking loses, basically.

I have tried to explain this at seders with friends over the past few years, but it hasn't caught on yet.