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Spirits, speed & stupidity. The 3 S's win again.

Yes, this man was someones, son, brother, husband, father, friend... So, lets add selfish to the other list of S's.

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He did. He stole her sense of security one should have in their own home.

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$400 million? I figure that they are quoting the price just for the planning. Once everyone gets their piece of the pie it will turn out to be more like $800 million or a billion. ODOT always low-balls the price of projects. It's the only way that they can get anyone to look at what they want to do.

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I'm thinking that English is not her first language. She is going to plead not guilty. She put the decimal point in the wrong spot. Though she was dealing in pesos...... Honest mistake...

Wait and see,

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Or are the City Counsel.

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FakingShock, So very sorry that you will be inconvenienced by the death of someone you saw driving a truck or working in the yard. Gosh, I hope you didn't hurt yourself by typing your comment.

My thoughts are with the family of this household. I hope the police will be able to find the answers quickly to solve this crime.

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"What is the City Council talking about this week?"

How to spend more of the taxpayers money that we don't have. For more things that we don't want or need.

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Of course they voted to raise our rates. They are putting so much BS out there that the rates had to go up to pay for bigger processing plants and dump sites.

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And just what will they do with these "secrets" that the kids reveal? This is just so wrong on many, many levels.

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I'm on book 2. Not sure what to say about it yet. Not something that I would normally read but so many friends recommended them to me. A 29 year old that I know says she really hated the book. Only read the first one. Had rather us her spare time doing instead of reading about it. Interesting comment.