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Does anybody know how to change e-mail address on MarkDoesStuff? Or is it one of those sites where a new e-mail address means a new account?


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Haven't joined that, but I have just had a week off writing my next (last/penultimate, idk) book in my series and done more than half of the target 50k words. The chances of finishing a completed first draft (which is likely to significantly more than 50K words) in the next 3 weekends is negligible, though. By/during Christmas holidays might be realistic, but 50K words in a month? I don't see how that's possible if you have a day job. Kudos if you can and double kudos if those 50K words are in the right order and makes sense by 1st December!

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Congratulations to the majority of Americans for finally seeing sense. Now, if you could just find a way to get him the keys to the White House, that would be great. Although it is kind of funny watching a 'grown man' throw his toys out of the pram with repeated cries of


(Actually, now I think about it, I think we need that as a gif!)

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Calling all fantasy genre fans out there. Do any of you lovely people fancy giving my new novel a proofread?

It's called Shifting Stars, book 1 of a series that I intend to begin publishing next year. I would describe it as Fantasy with Sci-fi elements and LGBT characters. If this link works, it should take you to PDF, epub and mobi versions, available for a limited time.

Blurb (Latest version):

My name is Arshes Megane and I am immortal.

This Time Intervention is illegal and dangerous, but I believe it’s the only way to save our world.

To begin my justification, I must tell you about my world, Tempestria, as it was almost a thousand years ago.

Meet my mother, Catriona, a half-Faery magic student, caught up in the battle of the shadow warriors. The day her home is destroyed by a terrible Monster. The day her Angel restores it and gives her a gift. Understanding that gift becomes the focus of her life.

She gains friends and loses others as she seeks knowledge with pioneering magic and ridiculous radical plans, until the day her quest forces her to make terrible choice.

At what price comes knowledge, and what price is too high?

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Btw, I love how this cat does not give up. That total concentration, focus and determination are a lesson for all of us. Never underestimate a cat!

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It's times like these when you find you what people are really like and I'm really lucky that I work for a fantastic employer.

I've been furloughed for 3 weeks and it looks like it's likely to be another 2 before I'm called back in. In that time, other than answering the occasional e-mail and phone call (mostly my boss ringing round to check everyone's OK) the sum total of work I've been asked to do has taken about 2-3 hours. And rather than just being paid the 80% that the Government offer (which actually isn't anywhere near 80%) I'm on full salary. TBH, 80%, given that I don't have travel costs would probably pretty much break even, so bizarrely I'm better off financially, I'm getting to spend all day working on my novels and listening to music. As I've said before, being asocial anyway, social distancing isn't an issue to me. Oh, and despite having previously booked a couple of holidays over Easter, my boss has refused to take those off me, so I still have all my normal leave to come!

All in all, from an entirely selfish point of view, these few weeks of furlough are fantastic!

From a less selfish point of view, of course, I sympathise with others who are suffering over this time.

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Have to say, there are times when being asocial pays off, because what the UK Government calls `social distancing`, I call 'normal everyday life'! I live alone, I drive to work in my own car alone, and barring a quick 5 minute briefing (oo-er) with my boss 1st thing, I do 99% of my job in a lab...in a separate building...alone. It's perfectly normal for me to go entire weeks with nothing but a quick 'hello-goodbye' to other members of staff while I pop in to grab something out of the warehouse.

So for me, I have to say, nothing's really changed. Even 'self-isolation' doesn't sound all that different, tbh.

Work is business-as-usual so far. In fact, we're extra busy. I'm the R&D chemist for a roofing company and one of our main clients is a major supermarket chain, and they can't afford to risk having to close a store because of a leaky roof! Hence more business for us.

As for my free time at home, since I now can't go anywhere if I wanted to, and having finished other projects I've been working on, I guess there's no excuse not to get a pile of writing done on my novel series!

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I've seen it.

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Naq gur jnl gur Znfgre jnf npgvat, vg'f yvxr ur jnf zbenyyl bhgentrq ol jungrire ur sbhaq bhg nobhg gur Gvzr Ybeqf. Jung pbhyq or fb onq gung rira gur Znfgre jbhyq svaq vg fb ubeevsvp?

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Now that the New Year is here and we're back to the old routine, how about sharing our
funny moments from the holidays?

It's Boxing Day family dinner, and my sister and I are with my niece (Danielle) and her fiancee (James) at their place. We've all sat down and it's a help-yourself situation. I ask James to pass the potatoes.

James: Hang on, the plate's quite hot and I've left the towel in the kitchen. I'll just go and get it.

Me: [reaching over to grab them anyway] Don't worry, I'm a scientist - I'm used to picking up hot stuff!
That sounded better in my head.

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Haven't been here for quite a while. When I decided to visit today, I was not expecting this. Deep condolences for Mark & Baize's family.