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I love (haaaaate) how we're meant to believe that SpyDaddy was so obsessed with the truth that he was willing to go to prison for it, and yet it never occurred to him to try to read the lips of the person in the video, and is willing to dismiss it as unimportant.

I think it highlights one of the differences with how SpyDaddy and Sidney operate. Jack is logical and rational almost to a fault, thinking strategically about everything. And logically he's right, there's any number of things the person in the video could be saying and no way to logically narrow it down. Therefore it has no strategic value. But Sydney is much more instinctive and most certainly understands people better. So she uses her `social intuition` (for want of a better term) to jump to a conclusion that happens to be right.

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There is a limit to how much cuteness a person can take, you know!

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I just play Rift Live. I was playing way back in the early days before it was Free to Play, moved on to other things and then last year decided I wanted to go back to a MMORG so I went back. Strange that you should find it grindy. I do nothing else but questing and taking on rifts/invasions. Tried a few instances early on (in terms of this second time around, that is) but was put off by the speed they seem to be done these days. Back in my WoW days, they were called speed runs but these days they're apparently normal.

Depends what you want form this kind of game. I'm not looking to get to high end raiding asap (or at all, tbh), I'm in it for questing and levelling.

Also just noticed - I didn't mean to post the same pic twice. The second one was supposed to be

Hence the gag about not being ready. :)

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Playing Rift at the weekend, when I came across the Best Item Name Ever:

Sadly, these were of no use to me:

I guess I just wasn't ready enough.

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Yes, definitely, and if Mark doesn't remember when the time comes, we're so going to have to remind him!

Mind you storymasteq's point is also worthy of a small number of nuns. :)

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Unlike you, I loved that Sydney was just done with that self-help group. That would totally be my reaction. Just generally, I've never understood the idea that because of this one event in your life, or this one attribute about yourself as a person, that automatically means you should want to join a group of people that share that one thing, despite the million other things about your life being completely different and even the details about that one are undoubtedly very different. As if that one aspect of that one thing is somehow more important than all the others.

It's not a judgement on the people in that group, I just have a distaste for being `grouped`.

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Oh yeah, to me, Melissa George will always be Angel from Home and Away! :)

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OK, probably no-one's going to read this, but here goes anyway.

In his video, Mark said he was glad Allison was shown to be a woman of colour before she made made to look like Francie. Now, I understand why Mark would say this, but from another perspective, if the technology exists in the Aliasverse, to change a person's height, weight, hair colour, eye colour and general physical appearance through genetic manipulation, why would skin tone be a barrier? (Or gender for that matter, but that's another point entirely.) I mean, despite appearances, it's unlikely the concentration of melanin in those two women's cells would have been identical. One would surely be higher than the other. So if a small change in melanin is possible, why not a bigger change? I don't see why pigmentation level would be a bigger technical challenge than bone structure.

Generally, I would have thought it would have been advantageous to make the double as different as possible to make any investigation more difficult.

Anyway, that's my two cents.