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This is the kind of day I wish I were a gif maker, so that I could adequately convey the feeling of spending hours writing 6000 words, only to accidentally somehow press something that shuts down Word without saving...

...and then a few minutes later find out I can get it all back thanks to autorecover.

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Ah, the old copy&paste without editing trick, Apologies for any confusion.

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Free Babylon 5 Downloads

5x08, 5x09, 5x10

14 remaining on each.


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way back in the 90s I wasn't even aware of the existence of Día de los Muertos or Penn and Teller.

To be honest, I'm still not aware of either of those things, or at least I wasn't until this moment. Now I know they are things that exist but beyond that, no idea.

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REBO (VO): Ah. Zooty. For you, fifty thousand years of human civilisation was just something that happened to other people, wasn't it?
"A small tip of the hat to my friend Richard Curtis, who wrote, amongst other things, Black Adder..."

As a Blackadder fan, that line leaped right out at me.

Is there any indication as to why JMS suddenly decided to have someone else write an episode?

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And I get my brand new, private office space on April 1

Wait, are you sure you're getting an office? Are you not just the tiniest bit suspicous about the date?! ;)

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Let the friend wallow in their incriminating knowledge

Oh, you have no idea how much has helped! I've just realised the friend who I thought would find out is the wrong friend, and if I change to their other friend, it makes so much sense of about 3 other plotlines and makes a character even more complex.

*Goes away to tinker plan.

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Hey, I'm not necessarily going to do what you guys say, I'm currently about 3 quarters way through Book 1 and a million things could change before this becomes an issue.

It's just that I didn't intend to write this subplot at all. My thought process was:

1. There's a major threat to my primary world (Tempestria) in Book 2 and to make that threat `show don't tell` I need to write them actually destroying another world...and Tempestria is next...DUN DUN DUN!
2. This would have a bigger impact impact if it was a world we knew a bit about in Book 1.
3. I need a couple of secondary chaarcters anyway, so let's make them representative of the world that is to be destroyed.
4. Since they are off world at the time, they are the only survivors.
5. I need reason for them to be the only ones off world.

But by creating that backstory, I just suddenly realised this dilemma was a natural consequence.

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Who's up a for a Sci-Fi moral dilemma?

I have written the most messed up backstory for two of my characters and yet I know I have to make things worse.

In nutshell:

Sara and Jessica (S&J for brevity) are sisters from another world where their species live in constant fear of being hunted down and killed by the dragons. One particular dragon scientist, working in secret, decides to take things a stage further: to genocide. S&J, along with many others of their kind, were experimented on, as he tried to make them carriers for a disease that will spread and wipe out their entire species. S&J are his two successes - they've already infected and killed all their fellow guinea pigs. But before the dragon scientist can release them, an alien hero comes along, kills the scientist, destroys the lab and all resources, and takes S&J away from their world so they and build a life somewhere else. They know they can never see any others of their kind ever again, or they would infect them and they would die, and if they returned to their homeworld, they could wipe out their entire species.

Now, by the time we meet them in Book 1, they're enjoying their lives and they make new friends. In fact, they're relatively chipper, all things considered.

But there's further tragedy around the corner, because in Book 2, their world will be destroyed. All life wiped out, S&J's people, dragons, everything.

One of their friends finds out from the hero that originally saved them. Nobody else knows and S&J have no way to ever find out.

Moral dilemma: Does their friend tell them this devastating truth, or does she allow them to believe the lie that their world is still out there, even though they can never see it?

(Also, what the hell does it say about me that I would think up such a thing?)

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Also, if you want a planet all your own - GO FIND ONE! YOU'RE IN SPACE, BUTTWAD.

I think there's another problem with the Telepath Planet idea. An expression about eggs and baskets springs to to mind. If I were telepath hater, I'd be all in favour of the idea. Make sure as many telepaths as possible go there. All one big happy culty family. Why? Because:

(a) We we get rid of the telepaths in our midst, and
(b) Once we have them all in one place, it's so much easier to wipe them all out.

No more telepath problem.

Not saying that's right or that I would do it, but I don't get why telepath haters haven't thought of this. After all, getting as many members of one particular people in one place to make it easier to exterminate them isn't exactly an original idea. And if the sheep want to trot into the slaughter house, that just makes it even easier.

So if the telepaths were to have a planet of their own, I would say your suggestion is the best way for them: find their own place and above all don't tell anybody your new address!