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Haven't been here for quite a while. When I decided to visit today, I was not expecting this. Deep condolences for Mark & Baize's family.

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Wait--What? I just came by, not expecting to see anything fo interest and There's a Season 4 of Veronica Mars?!

ETA: ...Which isn't available in the UK. :(

It's really not on getting a person's hopes up like that.

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To me, contrary to other posters on here, this was half a really good Doctor Who episode. The other half was an episode of (UK TV soap) Eastenders. It just felt so clunky! I mean, I know Doctor Who isn't big on subtelty (37 seasons in, I've noticed this) but to me this feels like I'm channel hopping between two shows.

Here's some Doctor Whe, then it's over to Eastenders for a bit, then back to Doctor Who, now here's more Eastenders...repeat for 60mins.

When I look back on the kind of things RTD used to do, that all seemed much more integreated into a single whole in a way that this didn't. For me, that's been a problem thoughout the season, but this was particularly glaring. Even moe so than the stagey `take a step forward one at a time and say why you want to stay abourd the TARDIS` scene at the end of Arachnids. Made me want to yell at my screen, "OK, yes, you've made your point, now can we get back to the Dalek, please?"

Hopefully the writing will improve next season, because Jodie Whittaker is doing great with what she's been given.

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I've never picked up on that one from Day but you're right. It's perfect example of the same thing. I wonder how many others there are? I know Nine had a cheap shot about the `deep south` as far back as The End of the World but at least Rose pulled him up for it.

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UNIT being out of the picture made for a quick joke, but logistically and thematically didn't work

Completely agree. It was a cheap Brexit gag that doesn't stand up to scrutiny. UNIT is a military organisation within the United Nations. We've seen the US branch of UNIT a few times, confirming that. It's got nothing to do with the EU. The closest real world organation (that we know about) is NATO. If UNIT is funded anything like that, then frankly there's only the US and the UK funding it properly anyway. So withdrawl of `European funding` would not affect UNIT operations in the UK.

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Re the unstable collection of shrunken planets, are there any other Classic Doctor Who fans out there, who thought of 1978 Tom Baker story The Pirate Planet?

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I found this season underwhelming, although it had a lot of different elements that I liked it felt to me like less than the sum of its parts, somehow.

That is a perfect way to put it. That's exactly how I feel, though I hadn't framed it in quite that way. To me, it's the exact opposite of Moffat/Smith's debut Series 5, which I always feel is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, despite a couple of weaker individual episodes (particularly the Silurian 2 parter written by Chris Chibnall, oddly enough).

This season, even though I might enjoy episodes individually, it's lacking something. Not sure what that something is, but I hope the production team find it next series.

The thing that's lacking definitely isn't Jodie Whittaker's Doctor who is a welcom breath of fresh air after Twelve who I never really warmed to.

So, an OK season, but not outstanding. Something to build on.

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Free Doctor Who Downloads


24 remaining.


14 remaining.


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Is it just me, or does that look very, shall we say, `post watershed`? O.O

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It just occurred to me this morning, when thinking about the planning for my next book, that despite what I said above, my protagonist is actually going to go back in time to visit her mother for advice/support/reassurance just before doing A Big Important Thing(TM). And she doesn't care how many rules she's breaking with that visit. She's doing it anyway.

Never made the connection before.

So I get other people/characters would want to do it given their own lives/stories, even if I personally wouldn't choose to.