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$150/ month to cover a $25/month tax increase? Typical landlord.

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More Texans... they don't do well in the NW. Hood has claimed the lives of countless Texans or other assorted mid-westerners. Too bad a ranger had to pay for their bad planning.

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I love beer, but I don't need to know what body part they got the yeast from.

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I love the big box of fireworks next to her in the picture. USA USA USA!!! "Celebrate your countries independence by blowing up a small part of it". (Simpsons quote)

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Hood has a long resume of dead texans on it, New yorkers not far behind. Looks like Rainier was trying to catch up but got the wrong guy. RIP ranger, sorry you had to die for a bunch of Texans but I know you would do it again in a heartbeat if you could.

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Quoting Sarah Palin huh? That the best you can do?

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This is exactly what Obama care proposed, only on a larger scale. When you break down the Affordable Health Care act into what it actually does to benefit you, it isn't so scary is it? This is called working together for a common good and giving insurance companies a big middle finger. Cheers to that.

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Indian Beach North cove strikes again. Many a rental board has gotten pulled out by the rip and pushed back into the cove on a short period W swell day. The rookie mistake is to bail out of the rip current too soon, then you get shoved over a sand bar and trapped wheras if you let the current take you out it sets you right in the break in perfect position.

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Health Care should not be a for-profit business. It is currently a multi-billion dollar profit machine. Does it upset you to know that it costs $350 to get 4 stitches in your finger when the actual cost is about $40? The rest goes to lawyers, administrators, insurers, and of course, executives who keep all the profits. If you don't provide a non-profit alternative it will continue to get worse.

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And Go Beavers!!!!