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Perhaps, the taxi and limo drivers in the area where interested in actually making money that night? Football players are notoriously BAD tippers. I've driven several Seahawks (including Lynch), to their fancy condo in Bellevue and have been stiffed, every time.

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I used to work at that property, when it was the Best Western Fife Hotel and Conference Center. I was never impressed with the security staff that was hired, when "the tribe" took over. I recall one night, when security kicked out a group of Vietnam veterans from their meeting room, because their contract ended at midnight. The meeting rooms were not near the guest rooms and I had no problem with them staying a little longer. They weren't being rowdy, or bothering anyone. However, even though I was the manager on duty at the time, I had no say over the matter, because I was "old staff."

I walked into that casino a couple of months ago and noticed that I was being followed by security, when I was looking for a restroom.

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I hope he has to register as a sex offender, but I'm sure there will be some way around that, as well.

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He supports gay rights, so that makes him gay? By your logic, if I support African-American rights, or attended an African-American wedding, would that turn my white skin black?

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You are not a father. You're a sperm donor. Grow up!

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First of all, you have no business reproducing, when you are unable to provide shelter to your children. Secondly, marriage laws have absolutely NOTHING to do with who makes out with who in public.

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By denying marriage, you are advocating a promiscuous lifestyle.

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I really cannot stand to watch Joseph Backholm and the way he annunciates every word, with his duck lips.

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You're obviously afraid to answer my questions and would rather imply that all gay people are responsible for the actions of one man.

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And off comes your "no religion, no moral judgement, no hatred, no phobia" mask. You must be a real expert about the "destruction of people's lives and the decay of American values", if you have to post links from an official hate group to back up your "truth."

There seems to be a focus on your link about anal cancer and its association to anal sex. I researched the subject and found that sexual activity is related to anal cancer, because of the increased risk of exposure to the Human papillomavirus. HPV does not discriminate between heterosexuals and homosexuals and is well known to cause cervical cancer. Having receptive vaginal, or anal intercourse with multiple partners increases the risk of HPV, thereby increasing the risk of developing cancer. With these facts, please explain to me how two men, who are not infected with HPV and are in a monogamous relationship will develop anal cancer.

Regarding HIV statistics, the infection rate for African American women is currently five times higher than the national rate. And Africa takes the world lead on infection rates, as they are home to 60% of the HIV-infected population. Do they "owe America an apology and reparations for the damages" in the same way this link says gay people should?

I've reviewed other pages on that site and found that many claims were either not backed up with facts, or referenced with outdated information.