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I am still thinking about it and I should probably go back and read the books again (I have a really awesome boxed set of LOTR with paintings in it and a copy of the Hobbit with paintings by the same artist). But I enjoyed all of the characterizations of the characters in the movies except Frodo. And yes I guess Frodo is a glaring problem since he is such an important character. But I loved everything else so I overlook it.

I don't really like Harry in the last book at least the first time I read it. The second time I didn't mind him as much. And he is worse in the movies (imo). Ron and Hermione are fine but some of the less important characters are almost absent in the movies and I liked some of them and found them important.

That is one of the great things about books though: a lot more of the character is left up to individual interpretation. In movies we have to suffer through or enjoy the director and actor's take.

Now my brother likes the movies much better than the books (talking of LOTR again). I think he is crazy but what can you do.

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I guess I am the rarity that loves the Lord of the Rings books for what they are and still loves the movies as well. I don't expect my movies to be exactly like the books as long as they stay true to the feeling and characters and I think the movies do that.

Now I do not like the Harry Potter movies as much as the books even though some would say they are truer to the source material than the Lord of the Rings. That could be where some of the problem lies. I do not care for what they cut out or changed in the characters and plot of the Harry Potter books.

Now the Harry Potter movies had inferior (as compared to Lord of the Rings) material to draw from to begin with so that could also be part of my problem with them . . .

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Um I think you are reading that sentence wrong. Or maybe you are being funny. But it says that only the cabbies that have driven for at least 5 years will be able to buy them. It doesn't say anything about race, it just says that the number of cabbies that have driven that long are the minority or in other words less than the number that have started driving more recently.

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I used to watch this show. I don't remember anything much about it but the super catchy theme song that my siblings and I still sing and make fun of today.
"Captain Planet, he's our hero, he's gonna take pollution down to zero. He's our powers magnetized and he's fighting on the planet's side. Earth, wind, water, heart (lol the stupidest of all of them). When your power's combine, I am Captain Planet!"

Haha so yeah I like the jingle. My mom gave me, my bro, and my sis rings for Christmas a few years ago and we all spontaneously said "When our powers combine . . ." and put our rings together.

And I am probably the most recycling/reuse try to save resources person in my family but it has nothing to do with the show and just being smart. We didn't pay much attention to those messages in the cartoons growing up. But we also had a father who wouldn't let us see fern gully because of the propoganda that it was attempting to be.

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The review doesn't seem hateful of Christianity to me. He mentions several times that he admires the woman's faith and strength.

What it does seem hateful of is the mass-marketing of overly white-washed perfect image of some people's version of what Christianity should be. He hates the pandering to the Christian masses with an idealized view of the religion and the money making schemes he sees behind the film. Honestly I respect that opinion and agree with his view of much of the "Christian" market of music, movies, books, etc.

And I am Christian, although I am a Latter-Day Saint aka mormon and many other Christians like to tell me I am not one. We have our own culture of mormon media and I don't like a lot of the overly religious fiction work put out by members of my church either. Some of it is good, some of it is not. It depends on the skill of the person and the substance behind the work. Unfortunately it seems a lot of it gets published/produced and is successful just because it is "Christian" or "Mormon" even though it is horribly done. I like to read or watch things that are entertaining and well made and if they happen to have a religious message well than that is great but I don't go out of my way looking for it. I do avoid things I find offensive though even if they are well done. Although I can't seem to avoid George R.R. Martin's books despite the fact that some of the content makes me blush.

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I watched too much of the apprentice and celebrity apprentice (and that was just one season of each) to take Donald Trump seriously. I would have to see a lot more of him sounding like a serious candidate to ever consider voting for him. He is obviously a good businessman but I never really liked him or how he came across. Intelligence isn't a huge issue for me since I believe there are all types of intelligence and usually think of myself as more intelligent than many/most of the politicians in this country anyway. My choice for president doesn't have to be smarter than me, just has to be able to do a good job as president. I don't care much how good of a speaker he/she is either as long as he is capable of getting his point across.

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I have to say I could care less about families not being able to tour national parks for a few weeks. Is that one of the main ways he comes up with that it would hurt the average family? Honestly the people that work for fda, ihs, fbi, etc not being able to work and get paid is more likely to affect middle class families negatively.

My husband is a pharmacist working for the indian health service as a civilian contractor. They are talking about not paying him for a few weeks and not having him work. He will not get retroactive pay so I don't know where the idea came from that most people will be paid retroactively for work they didn't do because of the furlough. Maybe in other sectors but not for public health service employees. He already gets paid $20000 less than private sector pharmacists and that is with government benefits. He likes working in a hospital and can work in a hospital as a pharmacist without doing a residency first if he works for ihs which is why we went this route.

I am pro-reduction of government but if things like the IHS get reduced or disbanded (don't know if that is exactly the right word) he will be able to get a job hopefully with whatever takes over in the vacuum that the loss of that hospital will make. But just closing everything down hurts a lot of people in this area and hopefully it won't happen here. Now they can shut down Congress and all their minions for a few weeks and we will probably all be better for it.

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I gave you a thumbs up so you are +1 again. I like to read and actually understand what is being said before I pass judgment on anyone. I still make mistakes though :p

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Point taken but they are only in season2.

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Last weeks episode pissed me off too. I have watched from the beginning. But don't worry, I watch on HULU so my viewings aren't really helping to keep the show going. I usually only stop to listen to the songs and then do something else during the rest of the show. But last week was so bad I couldn't look away. I just don't understand the idea of telling kids that it is naive to expect them to remain celibate if they want to. Sure many teens will not but some will wait until marriage or a long term committed relationship and the fact that the show was trying to make that seem impossible and even make fun of people that think that way (by having the only character that is celibate be a woman that is crazy and has been married for 4 months) is completely wrong.

I like to know what I am fighting though, and I like music, so I will keep watching on the internet. And I will not be sad when the show is gone.