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The Judeo Christian culture has allowed the most number of people to live free and equally around the world. Men and women are treated equally, the legal system is fair, and not based on who your parents are, or who they are not. David Brog is correct about moral relativism whereby Liberalism has made all belief systems relative, and incorrectly puts belief systems on parity with Islam. Islam is the only religion that has never been reformed, and mandates that all those of other faiths be subjugated or killed. The philosophy of humanism has also encroached on religion, and the effect has been to make the individual judge, jury and arbiter of all that is good and moral for his individual actions. A fabulous book on what Christianity has done for the world is Thomas Wood's book, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization. For those who disagree with what I have written, thank the carolingian miniscule, since those monks came up with space between words, upper and lower case and other rules that standardized the written word so people from different locations could all read the same texts.

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This was well worth the time to watch, David Horowitz has a keen mind is an acute observer of events and subsequent impact. Worthy comments on life, and how religion provides redemption, whereas, people on the left have no use for religion, and in my opinion become judge jury and executioner with disastrous results. There was so much here that was important regarding Jews, equality, the Iraq war, the natural state of man, which has always been to "be" at war, I recommend this clip to everyone:) And, as a side note, Radical Son should be required reading in EVERY high school because it showcases the failure of Leftist thinking and tells a fascinating metamorphosis.

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Thank you, very much. I meant "subjugate all other non Muslims," not Jews above. It's a typo. I need to proof read. Be well:)

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Obama told Israel to go back to their '67 territories, and refused to stick up for the Westernized Iranian dissidents in 2009 who were slaughtered by their Islamist government. He has mainstreamed the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization that seeks to eliminate Jews, and subjugate ALL other non Jews. He tried to use NASA as a Muslim outreach program, and tried to float the complete LIE that Muslims have always been part of our history. Considering Islam/shariah law refers to dogs as "filth" condones the clitoral amputation of women, the hanging of homosexuals, and the stoning to death of women, for him to NOT speak out against the atrocities of Islam is shocking. I concur, one cannot reach ANY other conclusion except he is an Islamist engaged in both kitman and taqiyya to promote a radical agenda. Wafa Sultan, Ayaan hirsi Ali are MODERATE Muslims who have death threats against them because they speak out against Islam. Obama has NEVER spoken out against Islam, just Christianity, and has never defended moderates. He is a radical Muslim and is dangerous. The problems of the Middle East and the unbelievable acceleration fall squarely on his shoulders.

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I am with Chuck on Newt. Ron Paul has zero foreign policy sense, we dragged our feet 27 months before getting engaged in WW2, had Germany prevailed during this time, the world would look different and we all may have ended up speaking German. Newt is spot on with a number of issues, illegals (our border security), foreign policy, energy etc. I think it's amazing people are focusing on an affair that was over ten years ago (and since he seems faithful), while Larry Sinclair is out there saying he had sex with Obama, and Obama was accused by a Harvard male student of sexual harassment. Newt can CLEAN Obama's clock on the issues, so, attacking Newt on an OLD affair by a bitter ex wife rings hollow. How many of you people who are anti Newt on this get an avalanche of compliments by your ex partners? HUH?

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Ron Paul came across like a blithering idiot last night about OBL, and any aspect of foreign policy. We are NOT responsible for 911, and what planet does he inhabit when he said we should follow the Golden Rule with foreign countries? Really? Is he talking about the Islamist countries where they amputate the clitoris of women, stone women to death and hang homosexuals, along with their sanctioned pedophilia? THOSE countries? The night belonged to Newt Gingrich who UNDERSTANDS the issues and handed Juan Williams his racism on a platter. Obama must be defeated if we are to save the US. I am hoping for a Gingrich/West ticket:)

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It looks like a cookie cutter to me...

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Hey, Mutt, as I stated above, you apparently get lumped onto the pile of idiots who have opinions and no knowledge of Islam. Let me give you a concise Cliff notes version, heads up, Mutt: Islam's goal is world world domination. dar al harb (house of war) and dar al Islam (house of Islam) are at war with one another until the whole world is under Islamic domination. Then there will be peace. Muhammad was the equivalent of a general and personally beheaded scores of his adversaries. The conflict with Muslims and Israel is NOT about land. The Arabs have a saying, "first comes Saturday, then comes Sunday" meaning, first we go after the Jews then we go after the Christians. Moderate Muslims who have no desire to commit jihad against anyone are NOT in power, and are slaughtered. Didn't you see what happened in Iran to the moderates? Our policies have NOTHING to do with Islamist attacks, Mutt. Not one damn thing. Nearly every single 911 Islamist was Arab. Arabs are salafists, they are the ones who follow the Qu'ran literally, and the Qu'ran is clear, non Muslims are to be killed or subjugated. The 7th layer of heaven in Islam is reserved for those who martyr themselves to spread Islam. So, with the condoned pedophilia, and female amputation of the clitoris, the Islamists seek to kill us. Which part appeals to you, Mutt, rather than defend our ally Israel? Care to clue me in which tenant of shariah law you like, that it's fine to beat women, or that dogs are filth listed right there with pus?

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Ron Paul would throw Israel to the wolves, and he blames the US for the 911 attacks. These two singular but related things say to me he doesn't know the first thing about Islam and kitman, taqiyya, or the Islamic concept of dar al harb, and dar al Islam. It's far to dangerous a world to have a POTUS who knows zip about Islam and eviscerates our military. I am hoping Gingrich gets the nomination from our field of contenders. We don't have a Reagan, but from what's available, I think Gingrich is the best right now.

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Another great book that covers the left and their deleterious effect on society is the Long March, by Roger Kimball who examined academia and how the left said we will get to you (Conservatives) through your children. Absolutely the lefts influence on society has been a cancer. They tout equal outcome without equal effort, and see all acts as relative with no true condemnation. Having read Radical Son, I would wish EVERYONE would read it because of the insight into Leftist ideology and seeing it for what it is, puerile and destructive. Having lived in New Haven CT for many years, and having known Warren Kimbro, I do believe there was no compunction ever for his actions, and as with most Leftists, the rules of society did not apply to him.