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First, thanks to Nicole, Rajat and Jason. I agree wholeheartedly, and am grateful for their diligence on this issue.

Second, please consider this invitation to visit Impact Hub Boulder -- -- to meet with me (co-founder and Managing Director) and to more deeply understand the community of entrepreneurs in our city. Many of your fellow Councilors are familiar with our work, as are many City staffers.

As Nicole, et al, clearly stated, we are a diverse group. Please join me in getting to understand our entrepreneurial community. I would be happy to facilitate a dialog with entrepreneurs, to help you better know the people you serve.

281 weeks ago @ elephant journal: Yoga... - I Have No Friends. · 2 replies · +5 points

Waylon, thanks for sharing this beautiful reflection. I have been experiencing this complex set of feelings for upwards of a decade, if not my entire professional life (which, like you, is more of a calling and a mission than a job or a paycheck). In fact -- with some notable exceptions -- I have found that it's often my closest friends who do not support my endeavors. And I understand the deep psychic pain that comes with that realization.

This has become such a notable phenomenon that I no longer actively invite my closest friends into my work, rather they have to invite themselves in. I have learned to value these friendships on their own terms, exclusively. If I need their validation, I look deeper into myself and ask why. I enjoy, respect, love the friends for their friendship, for the time we spend together, for the laughs, for the adventures, for the opportunity to listen, and to be heard.

And for each close friend who has failed, over the years, to step up when I though I needed them, many other have filled their place. People from our community who actively, passionately believe in the same values, who build equally inspiring ventures in the world, and who show up -- week in and week out -- when we host a speaker, convene a discussion, or build a communal space.

And it's OK -- I think -- to have meaningful symbiotic relationships with them, without inviting them over to my house for dinner with the family, without trusting them to meet before dawn at the trailhead for a long skin to a ski a remote peak, without inviting them to plan a weeklong road trip with no real destination.

Like you, I have also been fortunate to have some folks crossover -- those I've met through my work sangha have become friends, and we observe the sabbath together, ride bikes and raise our kids. And some of my close friends do barge into my work, buying memberships at the HUB and showing up at events they don't really understand.

Mostly, I meet them where they are. When the energies merge, and we get to improvise across boundaries, that's great. But when they don't, I've learned to let it go. After many sad, disappointed, and uncomfortable moments........

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Richard, thanks for asking. It's most certainly in our plan, although it probably won't be one of the first things we deploy. We think the hard part of the matching is that people don't necessarily have the best frame of reference on what "good" is. What makes a conference good or crappy, in your mind?

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I was struck by the wide variety of goals and foci in the crowd, and wrote about one flavor of change-making Jed Emerson's goal of transforming traditional capital markets, also picked up as a treat by The Economist.

The other important theme I was tuned into was the diversity of web platforms supporting this space, and the willingness of the social enterprise / social media leaders to collaborate. More coming on that soon.

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awesome. better than anything on "real" TV.

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Waylon, continuing to love the electronic elephant. Keep up the good work. Please include in your list:

@nuance_intel -- boulder-based consultancy at the intersection of sustainable business, progressive capital and transformative IT.

just finished a blog post about progressive economics, including TechStars, Slow Money, Balle and new banking, and last week on sustainability metrics for startups. Long live the boulder paradox:

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Congratulations -- it's great to have someone as humble, smart and successful as you joining the ranks of fund managers in our community.

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Nice post -- sorry to all the hard-working journalists who are suffering today.

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Great move. Good to see the program expanding. We need more entrepreneurs to keep building opportunity, innovation and new jobs.

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Marc, Very interesting concept. Have RSS'd your blog, followed your twitter.

As to the concept on the table here, we are working on a slightly different solution to the same problem set. At Business Catapult (.com), we are building a series of connected tools that creates one big service that builds communities of entrepreneurs and investors, ultimately helping them find each other, in a rules-based environment that optimizes everyone's role, info access and privacy.

Although I'm a social entrepreneur at heart -- and was a .org guy in a .com world in the 90s -- I'm still skeptical of micro-finance for a couple reasons. But your idea around the clustered risk taking by entrepreneurs is brilliant.

Will follow-up with direct communication to connect more privately.