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Thats a great idea. I will definitely patronize this restaurant because they are taking care of their employees. I would like to see other line item surcharges also such as what they pay for taxes and maybe a 1% surcharge to show what they pay in cleaning expenses to keep their patrons healthy.

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I gotta hand it to S.E. Cupp. If anyone thinks she is a conservative, I got a bridge to sell you. What she is really is a smart woman who has figured out how to separate RWNJs from their money. Oh yeah, she can field dress a moose...right....that alone got her her first wingnut gig so teabaggers can J.O. thinking they might have a shot at her.

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Hitler of course!

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Incredibly short-sighted. Funding for research is based solely on peer-review panels for scientific merit. This is indeed a slippery slope we are on here. Next thing they will ban research on gun violence...oh wait, they already have part of this banned already. Or maybe climate change will be next? It seems like they want to ban research in areas the politicians dont want you to know anything about.

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Boy, you gotta be kidding me. Colorado is becoming the most progressive state in the nation. Okay, we were a bit late on civil unions only because the nut jobs that were here before us embedded no marriage equality in the Constitution. But, look what we have done here in CO in the last year.
1.) Civil unions
2.) Amendment 64
3.) Universal background checks for gun buyers and magazine restrictions.
So, as Tom Friedman would say, Suck. On. This.

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Agreed, as a fellow Coloradan, I couldnt be prouder. Civil unions, Amendment 64 and now sensible gun control. If only the rest of America could be as progressive as CO!

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And a bump to you Lester

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Ouch is right!

Big double bump!

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Just wondering, what part of the points outlined above do you disagree with?
No caps on coverage?
Guaranteed insurance renewal if you PAY YOUR PREMIUMS
No discrimination for pre-existing conditions?
No dropping of coverage?

Or is it just that whole I cant take a black man being president thing?