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Grayling's performance on Radio 4 today, 15.8.18, stirring up unions but taking a position on RPI/CPI increments was embarrassing. I have to say, I found the discourse intellectually vacant and destructive. His position was borne out of a very numb form of tory thinking. The kind that is alienating the party from the electorate and causes political car crashes. Graling's assumption, coming from his sage experience in business, that staff costs are directly connected to consumer ticket prices and that the living standards for workers should be kept checked in order to keep consumer prices down, was just bereft of intelligence. It is this sort of crass thinking that is causing a them and us situation. He made no allowance or consideration for skills, use of technology, productivity, nor market rates fro staff, let alone and kind of staff incentives. It was just THICK!. Thank goodness he doesn't run a business. Its clear he just does not have the knowledge, experience nor mental capacity to be commenting on this. He is clearly possessed of a set of conservative ideological perceptions which are not only off beam, but are irresponsibly unhelpful to good government. If he cannot upgrade his thinking and thus his political productivity perhpas he should curtail his own pay, because this performance is not worth of a salary. Seriously!! Is this to be the quality of our politicians now? We have to upgrade our representatives across the board. This is not good enough.

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Depends what you farm. If you grown soft fruit or salads you’d get it. If you do arable you might not but if you do arable on a profitable scale of 4000 ac plus you’d also know you can’t get the tech trained staff who can use the satellite systems, data transfer, mechanics and necessary chemicals technology you need either. You won’t get one under £50k.
If you want a good stock man they’re not likely to be from the U.K.
You may want to grow GM but the consumers don’t want to eat it. If your strategy is to grow low quality for the cheapest price on tiny margins, you can be assured of the destination of your business
GM systems of the Monsanto variety are not so low cost. They require separation and markets are limited.
Your opinion on low wages is wrong. Decent firms moved to a minimum of living wage years ago.
I think the days of your sort of farming have gone although some still linger on

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I know a lot about farming, a great deal about farming. Monsanto is a US company. They focus on the GM systems you refer to. The EU has reigned them in. They also controlled Bayer substantially. Some GM systems require treatments to function. They are more complex than you think U.K. farmers cannot produce because they can no longer get the skilled labour they need from the EU. No farmer i know who I would rate voted leave. Idiots like Hall Hunter who rely on EU labour did, then cried after and want to keep FOM. They were not voting for brexit but some sort of weird daily mail flag waving exercise. It goes to show. Very few people had a clue what it meant and so they should vote on it now that the penny has dropped.

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Lots of sugar, wheat, oils, syrups etc

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Brexits aren't too numerate, you'll find

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Except UK farmers, uk consumer
standards, UK health, inwards EU investment, etc etc

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Ball to the environment. Balls to UK producers. Ball to EU producers. Lets inflate economies who wont invest back into the UK in a psychotic race to the bottom.

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So, screw the UK's farmers, and screw European producers -its the race to the bottom, all for the consumers who already have cheap food, and are rapidly becoming diabetic as a result. After gorging themselves further on cheap commodity based meals bought from UK farmers (at best) who now have to farm double the area to make the same living, or imported from countries with dodgy standards, where buyers pay less than the cost of production, and sod the retailers, manufacturers and food brokers who "add value" and will keep prices just as high. Then calculate the continuing fall in Sterling, and the real terms shrinkage on income. Brexit is an absolute psychotic load of nonsense. A playground for innumerate nationalistic jingoism. Its mendacious through and through. Its is plain the UK people just did not understand what they were voting for other than a fake NHS campaign. You cannot balance what the UK has to balance by a race to the bottom. Give the people the opportunity to vote on the outcome with an option to cancel the whole farcical mess, and salvage some national dignity.

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Given that the incontinent oaf Johnson is no longer FM, this doesn't look too skilful. Only 966 surveyed. I wasn't asked. Looks hopelessly dated already. This is going from bloody awful to downright catastrophic. Same some dignity and get the Peoples Vote over and done with ASAP before its not in the Party's control. We got them into this dogshow, we must get them out, Its the right thing to do and we all know it. Brexit is a total unmitigated cock up. Herding is not a substitute for leadership..

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What a choice, wingnut or wombat. Really?! Does no one of any calibre go into politics. Oddball or pathological liar and showbiz side act. Give the Peoples Vote now before there's no party to consider.