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in fact, both are required for a Republican candidate to be vetted for service in local, state, and/or national legislatures. heckuva job, 'pubbies!

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Pilcher-Cook--the Wizard of Spazz.

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Your 60-day lag time helps us understand what life must have been like for the first Alaska pioneers.

In the 60s and 70s, Alaska received TV via tape delay, usually about two weeks late. Palin's going w-a-a-a-y back to the mid-1800s by postponing news for 60 days. That's even farther back in time than most of her teatardist friends want--except for those below the Mason-Dixon line who still cain't figger out how come they cain't own blah peeples any more....

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Why, oh why, won't anyone think of the chickens?

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The twenty five Christmases I spent in retail were the longest half-century of my life.

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If I'd worn a uniform (I didn't, but my dad did), I'd throw you a salute, Dok, for the Mauldin reference. Huge h/t to Willie and Joe; to them I could honestly say, "Thank you for protecting our freedom."

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Boner pillz = OK to invest in.
Abortion pillz - NOT OK to invest in.

--shorter version for stupid fundies (but I repeat myself)--

men = OK
women = NOT OK

That about right, Pat?

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Stick a fork in him, he's ...

Too soon?

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Palin's worst action in this saga, (surprising in itself, since she almost never did anything) was appointing Sean Parnell as Lt. Gov.--he's the guy in charge now. A kind, compassionate, asshat. He said this about the victims a few days ago
"But the issue is that many victims are not willing to choose to talk about what happened, they’re not willing to be witnesses; it’s just the nature of this awful crime. And so those cases are not put forward because there are no witnesses. The ones that do move forward- I’ll ask someone to correct me if I’m wrong on this because these are procedures in the Guard- if a person is willing to speak and move forward at the time of the report that’s given to the Anchorage Police Department or the troopers. They do the investigation. Then they are supposed to refer that to prosecutors. That’s the process of what happens. –Sean Parnell, 10/13/2014

Sorry, Callyson, but really, /FFS....