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Well, I'll stay away from personal judgements of participants by suggesting I know anyone here. I won't group you into categories such as "people like you" because I don't know you. Also, I respect your right to voice your opinion and appreciate what you might be concerned about. However, is this the first time your freedom has come under threat? Is this the first time someone has cried wolf, causing the same knee-jerk reaction which has always succeeded in dividing and conqueinrg the American people. Frightened people don't generally make rational choices. I choose to take a long hard doubtful look at anyone who uses theatrics in a public forum to generate fear. Someone mentioned Hitler earlier. Nice one.

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Is this fear genuine? When I see Mr. Beck on television, I'm at fisrt taken by his sincerity, but my better judgement can't help but take over. What is he afraid of? Has he ever left America? Has he ever taken a closer look at America itself? What is to fear in America changing? Glen, do you have it so good that you fear to lose YOUR version of life in America? What is life like for many others in America? Is it absurd to look elsewhere for a better plan? How can you claim you fear to lose a good thing when your health care system is as imbalanced as it is currently? How can you say this when education costs as much as it does in America? Far too many Americans are subject to ignorance and illness due to the cost of education and health care; things that unfortunately are luxuries in America.

So again Mr. Beck, what are you afraid of losing? This time, please spare me the theatrics and crocodile tears.