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When POTUS Hussein mentioned recharging the terrorists after all the I's were dotted and the T's crossed to make sure the last eight were for nought ,he mentioned their constitutional rights??
What constitutional rights . These animals will never be terminated,there will not be any hearings.All the men we lost capturing these murders will be for nothing. I venture to say they will all be celebrating Ramadan in Yemen this year.

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no where in the media do i see Mr. Wilders name or what England is doing.....what is going on . in DC from the new Messiah on down it's "open lines of communcation" with the Muslims show them we are friends. Here on a large mil. base the people look as if i'm chicken little..when i talk about this. America has a 9/10 out look on this problem ...I'm just a dumb ex-service person we need to publish to get the facts to the people...4 to 6 pages who has the guts???

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If we intend to stop the islamists, we need a leader, President Hussein is a cross between slick Willy and the peanut king..he is about as useless as a jock strap on a nun.The polling booths is where to start the fight..get rid of the left-wing Fonda's. not sure about your rep. ask them ..and then broadcast it proudly..for this cult to stay in this country they have to change this Muslim Mein Kampf or learn to swim.