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Unless the American People are etremely carefull, if the left under Obama or a follower has it's way there will be a very similer assaulk and yes, even Holocoast against the Patriots of today, just like Nazi Germany and Soviet Lenin/Stalin and the Chinese under Mao or Cambodia and Pol Pot.
The lefts agenda can be very well observed in action with their support of the greatest Mass Murder in History, Abortion. They have no problem using similer tactics on you and I.
Remember the Marxist/Fascist Axis tactics smell the same.

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I love my non Union made HONDA. Odyssee. I will never buy a UAW made car or truck, ever.

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Just as long as Mathews is not giving you that tingle. Yes I love the .45 JHP

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Well Joe the price of gas is lower today that it was in the mid fifties when I was a teen ager. What you want to ask yourself is why you allow the Federal Reserve and your elected officials to swindle you out of real money and pwy you with counterfiet paper. worth nothing?
The federal reserve: Looting America since 1914.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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That fist represents the fist that has been used by the Marxists and other leftists for a very long time. It is the fist that has slaughtered, butchered and murdered over 200 million innocents since 1917. It is the fist of the inhuman parasite thug whose passion is to steal from others by the use of coercion or force or violence. A threat.
If it was a human symbol it would be a hand open and lifted. No it is a symbol of threat and violence, an or else you do what I want I will slug you or worse.. Do not submit to these thugs and goons from unions.
Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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Being a Democrat/Republican/Socialist/Fascist/Communist/Marxist/Statist in this country today, is a serious form of ignorance.
This ignorance, with all we have seen and know over the last hundred years that is historically recorded, is a pathological foolishness, an ignorance so intense, as to be for someone like me, completely unacceptable and as such worth my full efforts till I die, to prevent it's continuance.
I refute it. I abhor it. I fight it to my death.
Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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Well I think that is a possible scenario I do not think it is correct. As cool as they were and the show itself, they certainly would not have a close friend who was making spiked brownies.
I am not certain about the scene exactly but, I do remember Harris's subtle smile when he took a bite of one and Fish or someone sort of looked on in slight dismay. Maybe Wojo who was a straight for that time

It was Barney himself now that I think of it and he sort of shook his healet me know what you think..

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And car 54 where are you?

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So they have arrested someone for making spiked brownies and the brownies are sitting on the desk. Harris goes up and one of the others explains that these are spiked brownies. Harris looks around and reaches over and takes one of the brownies and eats it while the others loo on. Harris had a small smile on his face. What a great show.
laugh after laugh.

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Time to hand=g the corrupt basta rd