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BARB! Maryland transplant and pretty much a Terp4Lyfe.

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I've just had to put a pause on weight lifting because I tweaked my knee at the beginning of the month. I'd gotten up to 100 pounds squatting and 95 deadlifting using StrongLifts 5x5. I can't wait to get better and back to the weight room! Swimming is not a good substitute!

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Isn't she also missing a leg? Indicates that the fall from the cliff might not have been fatal...

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No comment on poor Bedelia at the dinner table as the final scene? I love having that end the series, puts a question mark on what happens after the cliff.

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I spent 3 years of my current, 10 year relationship learning that specific incidents or slights are not currency to be saved off and trotted out months later in fights.

Who am I kidding, I'm still working on it.

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I don't think I would move. I genuinely like my town and my neighborhood. The big question mark has been my school system, but with unlimited funds, I could either make a huge private investment in the public schools or send my daughter to private. We'd renovate the house, possibly put an addition on it (HELLO FIRST FLOOR BATHROOM AND LAUNDRY ON THE SECOND FLOOR). I'd like to find a part time or three quarter time job with benefits, maybe update my car to a four door. I'd definitely have more kids. I'd take a vacation that wasn't visiting family.

ETA: And I would pay for a damn house cleaning service!

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Hello, I am another Girl Scout (silver & gold award recipient!) who is a Tortall obsessee. My copy of Woman Who Rides Like a Man is covered in dirt because I dropped it in the mud on a camporee.

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Glad to know I wasn't the only text role player on prodigy then! (I was in Pern fandom) Remember when Christopher Pike would comment on boards?

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I was on prodigy around 1993-4 to play a Pern text roleplaying game. Log ons were assigned to the 6 accounts you could have for a family (mine was EMUY73A-F). I don't remember if you had a specific screen name beyond that.

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Oh man, this takes me back!
TimeHolder on AOL (10 character limit and I was like 14)
EMUY73F on prodigy (because you couldn't choose your username at the time)
kestrelle on Geocities where I posted my Buffy fanfiction
stardancer for my Wiccan Angelfire site