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Thanks. I just saw it and the reflection is what did it for me.

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Jim, hahaha awesome. I mentioned to a friend that I needed to shoot a plug. She said "like a tampon?" I started laughing, so she pulled one out of her purse. :) When I was done, she did not want it back.

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Great, Karla. Can you share?

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We do have an attendance policy in place. It's 2 weeks inactivity, but I always email the student first and tell them they're going to be dropped if I don't hear from them by XXX (usually 24 hours from when I send the email).

So everyone keeps talk about the 45 day rosters, and I completely agree BUT what do you do about classes that are late start after that. For example, and 8 week course beginning in late October.

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Part III

As was mentioned by Mr. Adams, more often than not curriculum or class options are affected eventually by shifts in Politics; by what is deemed to be in the interest of the American Curricula. I'm taking a wild guess here, I've not the specifics or facts of this occurring in actual curricula bookmarked somewhere, but I speak based on what I've noticed within schools, on the news, and etc.. It's a miracle that teachers even consider the prospect of the following morning, but it's what they do, they teach, for the paycheck of course (which is a discrepancy in and of itself), and perhaps in their hearts for the "learned" class of 2009 that will inspire the America of tomorrow. But, as I attempt to grasp the article in question (and use this commentary as a therapeutic confession and molding of what I think on these matters) I wonder: do discussions held in AP ENG or any AP class really simulate the mostly adult themed rhetoric of actual college simulations? You can't say "gay" or "lesbian" without turning a few heads or causing some kind of paranoia that "since we're discussing it in class we're making it O.K". I ask (myself mostly): how then are we being prepared to relate the witch hunts of The Crucible to the pertinent discrimination of minority groups if you can't comment on the rights of a New York prostitute without feeling like the organizer of the newly wrought "Slut Pride"? To me, it is of little surprise now that I look back and think upon when I was presented with a list of rhetorical schemes to decipher I took a nap instead; as oppose to opening a discussion in class as to what I thought Emerson implied when he said that "to be great, is to be misunderstood." I'd cleverly reiterate those infamous rhetorical schemes but for the sake of withholding what little dignity I have by this point in my over-meditative "comment" I'll plead ignorance. Moreover, it was by accident that I recently happened upon an article linking the 'radical' Weather Underground with Barack Obama, when, on the other hand, I could have been made enlightened about this in AP Gov.t when instead we discussed how patriotic the administration of the 60's, and how hard they defended the war, were. The Weather Underground had there reasons, but God (don't sue me) forbid that we take a moment to question WHY these extremists felt the need to create bombs in protest. I'm just saying. Albeit a majority of my amnesia is my fault, it's still doesn't excuse the complacent, and sometimes distracted instructors, who win the popular vote more often than not, but feel the pressure to punch out synthetic High School undergraduates, distracting students with their restrained rhetoric from the vote that will eventually matter: a knowledgeable and informed vote for change.

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Part II

Whilst AP courses afford students a taste of what college is like, in a "24-hour reality" these so-called college level courses are perhaps closely likened (metaphorically) to a tween imitating adulthood with a driver's manual in his left hand (relative to "The Essential Moves to Scoring a 5 on the AP Exam") and a flashy new drivers license in the other, or perhaps a beautiful transcript . You've the delusion of being ready to take on the driving scene (and as an extension what AP classes promote to do, "the college experience"), but really: you most likely don't know the first thing about road rage; because it wasn't talked about. Disgruntled middle class workers hurting to get home, only then is it obvious that your driver manual didn't cover how to move about the highways, but only discussed what the yield signs denoted. The latter: as an example of course; my attempt at metaphor. Not 100% accurate, but close enough. Important information indeed, but is it relevant to the social and political shifts of the now? By "now" I imply what is meaningful to most students of this Google Generation. I speak in terms of what is being taught in an AP environment. (MAKE NO MISTAKE: I appreciate NOW the efforts of my former AP teachers, but I must go on in saying...) I remember something along the line of "Here I'll teach you how to write a 9 worthy essay." Great. But by the end of the 2nd quarter I was continually missing the point, and sounding like everyone else. "Advise me on how to bring my writing to life, the prompt to life, not what to write", some would say.

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A former student emailed his response. It's long. Here it is in Chunks. Part I

(UPDATE: Perhaps I've missed the point, or misdirected my grievances away from the thesis that the article in question asks, or what Mr. Adam's blog entry asked, but bare with me a little.) In my observation of several teaching methods, I've found, frustratingly, that many instructors are reluctant to criticize people of the likes of Barack Obama or John McCain, lest they awaken to the angry emails of their 3rd hour AP students' parents who charge, along the lines of, "Subject: In America We Teach about Johns, NOT Baracks". Meaningful commentary and discussion on social, political, and ontological stimuli left often by the wayside, more often than not demonstrates to students the "attempt(s)" by several "rather-to-play-it-safe-instructors" (of AP status) to appeal to both sides of the hot topics becoming a gradual implosion of relevance and potential comprehensive learning experiences; into obscurity. Essay prompts are sometimes perceived as queer (non derogatory), or vague, when they ask to synthesize experiences in history of prejudice against certain political factions, or anarchist movements and there motivation(s), when there's a disclaimer detailing that we talk about "there" but to avoid "going there". Any vagrant Thought or Discourse is often met with layers of disapproval by PTA goers and HS administration. As a result of being "learned" on what to write, and perhaps "how" to write" (but not in the sense I imply later on), I became confused, I suspended my voice as a writer, and I felt pressured to be this ideal AP student.

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Projected donations was not 208. It was lower than that. 208 was # of appts. It was 135% but they still rocked it!

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Ok ok now I actually watched the video and never realized how sexual and predatory trimmin' bush is. You got this huge phallic with razor sharp teeth desiccating and destroying the lush, round, life giving bush. Shaping them, and cutting them to his ... I mean it's .. will.

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You're hilarious. I've got to be a woman, too? Damnit. Damnit. I can pretend I suppose. I just couldn't let you get by with another Bush comment without saying something. My friend Angelika loves to wear her Reggie Bush jersey to work; it cracks us up, but no one else is in on the joke there!!!!!! hahahahahaha....