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Mojang does a far better job at explaining the details the we could here:

As far as examples, I'll revise the article and add some. We our self also have to change a few things in the way we handle it. And we are waiting for exact confirmation if ranks att al are allowed, since it looks like you are not allowed to split the player base that way anymore.

No ranks would mean no more special permissions for contributors, but you could still sell coloured names since it's cosmetic. We are also waiting on a verdict on additional plugins that are not part of core mine craft, like larger protection areas.

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We have actually tried that mod it was interesting but buggy. Could be a great addition to vanilla with some tweaks.

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Not right now we had to change servers a few times. They might be back later

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I appreciate the constructive criticism. English is not my native language so my spelling is way of some times.

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This is unsure it was just some thing we saw in the video and might have been miss inturputed.

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Yes sorry about that, not a native English speaker and it was written live during a stream so it had to be drafted down fast.

And the way they turned red looked like they where glowing hence the wording.

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From what i know they are using a server side plugin to allow this, or just use world edit.

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I would like to point out the point made in :P