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Frances nuclear facilities are relatively standardized, making them easier (and cheaper) to build, and make it easier for operators trained on one facility to work at another. This also makes it cheaper and increases safety.

Natural gas does produce NOx, however there are good and relatively cheap technologies that can be used to clean emissions (i.e. SCR and SNCR). NOx is produced at much higher rates in coal fired burners than natural gas.

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Great charts, but why don't the numbers match up between the 3?
1st chart has China's holdings around $600B, 2nd at $800B, and the 3rd at $180B.

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Andrew. You mentioned an article in IBD that takes Obama's health care speech to task. Do you have a link for it?


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They're just preparing for their entry in the right-to-left market in the middle east.

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Really, you're the least bit surprised that China isn't a global "team player"?
They're just in it for the power and to feed their imperialistic desires.

Now, they should have smarter economists, since they don't have to play to the public like here, but protectionism is an easy trap to fall into.

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If you cutoff the last 3 characters of the link it works out OK.

<a href="" target="_blank">

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Andrew, you should put links to articles that you mention "you'll put up on the blog." By the time I get to a computer after listening to your podcasts, I forget which articles I'm supposed to be looking for!

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Mr. Biderman stated that the reserves in the FDIC and Social Security are just "IOUs". Sure they are, they're Treasury bills. We have "just IOUs" to China, and a whole lot of investors out there. However, I have a feeling that the US will not default on these, even if it is owed "internally". If they do default on T-bills, we'll have a much bigger problem than just a (more) insolvent FDIC or SS.