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So stuck and need a little info. I upgraded my wife's 3GS to 6.15.00 and had it tethered but ultrasn0w would not ever install. Tried many installs (to many to count) with different types of jailbreaking unlocking etc. Well now the best I can do is get to the Itunes recovery icon. I can still DFU it but the phone is basically nothing. From what I can tell it is not currently possible to run a non-tethered jailbreak, which I can't even do that now. If I am wrong please let me know. I miss the old 2g jailbreaking/unlocking. Thanks in advance Thom...

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So I just got my wife a used iphone to unlock. To my knowledge it has been upgraded to 5.14.02 and 6.04. Has anyone heard when the geniuses are going to get us out of the trap and do there unlocking magic?