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Exactly! We lost our "favorite small and cozy" place to hang out (not yet and never will I hope). Personally, I've never liked Facebook - to much noise and unnecessary elements - they want to be everything at once. As a result, usability is forgotten and the interface is all cluttered.

Let's hope friendfeed will stay in it's current state and won't be switched off.

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Sveta, congrats on launching your own startup! The idea is very clear and viable. I think it would be wise to add the first steps for new users, as it's not very clear what the services is about when you get in. FTW :)

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Курить оч противно ;) конечно :)

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Sveta, go for Avast Home Edition - works perfectly for me and is free :) Kaspersky was such an annoyance with buying licenses here in Belarus, almost impossible! Panda is for girls :D

M$ has made a smart move. Agree should've done it long ago. However, I don't think it will harm commercial antivirus companies - M$ has to do something about their image in security sphere for users to easily jump to Morro.

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Had a really good laugh from SM experts :D

I think that the last problem - people with no names - is the biggest one and should be resolved. Without proper online ID we are bound to to remain in precivilized online era that we are still in. People should be responsible for their online life as well. You can't just come up to people and start swearing at them in real life (well, you can - but this act will have consequences).

About half a year ago I gave a presentation and Belarusian ByCamp on online identity - not much has changed since that time. We are moving to new standards ridiculously slow. The reasons are quite obvious, however, with no trust on the internet there won't be any radical development of internet ecosystem.

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Сегодня начал смотреть полноценно.
Раньше смотрел урывками и в профессинольном контексте преподавания.
Язык очень британский и очень живой. А вот от юмора я ожидал большего... ;)

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Я помнится его смотрел пока еще в америке жил, мне тогда 16 было ;) Ну так себе сериал.