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After a couple rerestores it took. Sweatin for a bit! iPad3,2 5.1.1 rerestore from bootloop and JB

Thanks a million to the coders and the scene. With my new iPhone 5 I'm really feeling the extra steps and missing features (not to mention increase in bandwidth and decrease in privacy in missing my firewall).

Apple will continue to shine their checkered beacon, but we will always look beyond their light to bring tools and experiences to their unchecked potential and put control back in the hand of the user.

- iPhone 2g, 3g, &4 + iPad3 all cydia'd up thanks to yall

my iPhone 5..... waits patiently.

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So my JB'd iPad3 (cdma) got stuck in a boot loop a couple days ago at 5.1.1. Thanks to this tool I was able to rerestore it to 5.1.1 clean.

However, now it won't take a jailbreak. Redsn0w says JB failed, service wouldn't start (4234) and absinthe says "looks like you jb'd previously, trying to fix" then repeats that each time I replug it in.

Any advice?
Thanks so much

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? Scam?

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I'm up for some monkeying if you think it will work. I prefer mac tools but have pcs.

I can pretty much only DFU as the boot loop acts frozen. What you got?

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Thanks for clarifying- all these instructions about unreleased tools is my weak spot. Since the 5.xx loss of blob security I've been out of the loop.

I just got an ip5 so I'm willing to be patient to keep all my hacks on at least one device.

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Ok, sorry about that. I guess I read #3 several times and was confused that it was describing an unreleased tool.
Force booting to safe mode tip is very helpful, thanks. Unfortunately it isn't working, I guess my iPad is freezing early in the boot process.

So I was able to pull the ECID using redsn0w in dfu mode and manually type that in to Tiny Umbrella. It sounds like what you are saying is that even with my blobs saved and the tss server running, I can NOT restore to 5.1.1 (for a device at 5.1.1)? thanks for clarifying

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Hey guys, Long time fan here, first time poster.

I have a verizon iPad 3 that has been JBd at 5.1.1 with blobs backed up. I just installed a tweak that put it into a restart loop and it won't turn on (stuck on apple). I can force it into DFU mode.

Here's my issue: I can't seem to use TinyUmbrella to rerestore because I don't know the manual ecid and it won't read the blobs off my iPad in DFU mode. Pwnage tool/redsn0w also both say that the firmware version I keep trying to use is wrong... but I know it's not.

Any advice at all around rerestoring to 5.1.1 when the device is stuck in DFU mode would be greatly appreciated. Over the years I've gotten myself out of many similar situations but none of my usual tricks have worked this time. Thanks so much