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It doesn't matter if he was an outstanding and responsible student at Fairview. That's perhaps why he thought he would get away with it.
Tiger Woods was an outstanding golfer. I guess many people had a hard time to believe what he did after winning his games...
OJ Simpson got away with murder, because nobody thought he could do something so horrible.
Oh, and my former mother in law said that Osama Bin Laden could never have been responsible for 9/11, because he had such beautiful eyes.
Give me a break. You can never know what somebody else is able to do.

The actual circumstances of this crime are horrible and if you knew more you would not have written your comment.
Anna was not his first victim, he did beat her up horrible at the same time as he raped her and his whole family did horrible things to try to scare in the months after the rape.

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"The other student" had RAPED OTHER TEENAGERS before he raped Anna.
Thank God she was brave and strong enough to put a stop to it!

I know the circumstances too and there is NO WAY you can say what you are saying if you know what happened that night. Did you hear the story from his parents? In that case I can understand that you are misinformed.

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So if you read Judge Montgomery's order and she says it was no abuse, you think that's true? Were you not in the court room when they talked about all the holes in the walls in their home?
Face the fact that the request for a new trail and move on?
Impossible. There was ONE person who denied Molly a new trail and that's Judge Montgomery. She is known to me as a really bad Judge anyway. What was the reason for her to not let somebody take over? She was retired and just HAD to rule against Molly again, to be sure that nobody else would find out that her decision the first time was wrong...

If you are talking about "harrassing" then you have to take a loooooong look in the mirror. The immense lack of credibility goes to you and your in-laws, "Mrs. new Midyette". Somebody just have to go in to your profile and read some of the stuff you have posted to find out how wrong you are.

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Moosi, you can go on and on about what a real mother would do, but you are not living in reality. What a shame to bash other women the way you do. I would love to sit down and talk with you one day. I bet you would change your mind about a thing or two. Lunch?

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How could she put a stop to it when she didn't know? She was not there when he abused the baby. That's the point!!!
My ex husband did harm to my/his own children, but when he did it I was not there. I didn't find out what he had done to them until after we were divorced. Did I act as soon as I found out. YES, OF COURSE, but I wish every hour of the day that I would have found out earlier.
If you would have been in that courtroom, you would have understood how much Molly loved her son. She would have protected him with her life if she would have had any understanding about what Alex did to Jason.

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Amen. I was there for the trail and tried to stay positive, but I could see already from the beginning, that she was just sitting through the trail and had made up her mind already. Shame on her.

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Yes, absolutely. The reason that she is in jail is that she was married to Alex Midyette and not just a guy without parents with money. Molly was trapped.

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cma311 - it's no doubt in my mind that you are Alex's new wife, Christine Stonig.
Nobody else sat on the DA's side during the trail of Molly and you were there the whole time, talking and sending notes during the trail to the five(!) women from DA!!! Kay Midyette were there with you for days as well and she didn't stop coming until it said something about it in the Daily Camera. Kay and you were sitting there staring Molly down and laughing loud when something negative was said about Molly from DA. The way both of you acted in the courtroom was horrible and Judge Montgomery did absolutely nothing about it.

Since you met Alex after he had killed his son, I will not even be able to feel sorry for you when you end up as a battered woman after Alex is able to leave prison. You will not be able to say to anybody that you didn't know what you got into. Shame on you for marrying Alex when you know that he killed his son and you have children on your own. I really hope your ex-husband is fighting for custody.

Judge Montgomery had her mind set about Molly already from the beginning and she was just sitting through trail. Shame on her for not giving the case to another Judge. Shame on her for not giving Molly another chance. Shame on her the way she is not taking battered women seriously. She could have made a difference. She choose not to. Shame on her.

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I'm glad you will be there. You might change your mind about Molly. I did. I didn't think anything good about Molly when she went to court the first time, but then I started to read all the articles, talked to friends who knows the Midyette's, compared her case to others I'm VERY familiar with and I started to put things together.
Today, I do not believe for a second that she knew what Alex did to Jason.

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They refuse to grant a new trail? They?
Ahhh, yes..., now I get you!
You mean Judge Montgomery and J. Nold Midyette, right?
You might be right.
Power and money can destroy many lives. Money and power sure did in this case.