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Wow! I just commented on democratic underground about this ridiculous post. " I just ordered a TV-B-Gone, for FOX News quarantine enforcement.

You can get your own here…

It's a simple device, which looks sort of like a car's keyless entry remote, with a single button that causes it to emit the infrared "Power off" codes for every brand and model of TV it knows about, which is to say about 95%+ of TVs in existence.

Yeah, it's time to get aggressive when it comes to people playing FOX News in businesses, doctor's offices and other public places."

My comment was deleted and my name removed....No vulgarity involved, just a differing opinion. AMAZING!!!!!

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And just think, they are trying too add the "carbon" tax so they can tax how much you drive, heat your house with....wait, don't we release carbon dioxide when we breathe......

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See, the thing is, Healthcare and Education are not rights. They are privileges, just like owning your own home or a car or a cell phone. It is nice to be able to have those things, but they are not guaranteed to you. remember it says, "Life ,Liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness", not the GUARANTEE of happiness. Honestly, ask yourself a question, if you and your family only had enough food, shelter, whatever for yourselves, would you want someone to come to where you live and forcibly give half of your....whatever to your neighbor just because he is not willing to at least TRY to provide for himself and HIS family? You WORK towards your happiness, it is not PROVIDED for you.