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Please keep Grant Schnapps as he is UKIP's secret weapon number one.I mean,what a plonker!

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Strike at the heart of the beast and take out Mecca and Medina and destroy the so called spiritual centre of this evil death cult called Islam.Or carry on as now with politically correct unwinnable never ending war turning our soldiers into sitting targets and feminising them into social worker humanitarian carers rather than killing machines trained take out the enemy with extreme prejudice.

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Mental illness is largely a myth and used by malingerers to avoid work with the help and collusion of the medical profession who like to pedal their quack cures not to mention the whole psychiatry racket/ industry.The Peter Lorrimer treatment is far more effective and it involves the so called mentally ill patient assuming the prone position and being administered an almighty kick up the backside.The idea that the state should be involved in mental health is sinster and smacks of the old soviet days where anyone who took issue with the state was deemed mentally ill.

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Foreign Aid is global socialism,state enforced self sacrifice at the point of a gun through taxation which is an immoral evil beyond discussion yet here we have a conservative advocating it which should surely give all prospective conservative voters pause.

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You can only speak passionately if you have an ideology ie something you believe in.The tories pride themselves on Not having an ideology and it shows.Thatcher was driven by a hatred of socialism,Cameron is driven by a hatred of not being in number 10 Downing St.The public can sense it.No amount of language manipulation will substitute for authenticity born out of priniciple.Thatcher was an aberration because she had values and principle,conservatives do not which is why they had to get rid of her.Farage does not have to indulge in tortured Cameronian circumlocutions because he knows what he believes in and that is why he is so hated by tories who do not.

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I hope this doctor is better at medicine than he is politics and economics.The idea that a healthcare system based on a discredited ideology of socialism is one to be commended and championed beggars belief.That it is presented on a supposed conservative platform is regrettable at very least.

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The Conservatives claim to be anti socialist yet they support the NHS which is a socialist construct,ergo the conservatives are socialist.Or are we supposed to throw logic out the window and swallow such contradictions whole?Another contradiction is the author claims the conservatives support a free market and in the next sentence is lauding the minimum wage!What an insult to the intelligence of the his readers. If the tories are anti ideology why do they always seem to end up promoting the ideology of the left at the very same moment they are repudiating it?

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If Cameron could not get an outright victory Before UKIP were in the ascendancy how on earth does anyone think he will get one now that they are? The math does not ad up.The sheer molten malice and contempt displayed by the tories towards Reckless reveals the ugly truth of what they really think of UKIP and its voters and should only spur betrayed tory voters on to vote UKIP all the more.

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People discuss politics in the UK like they do sport,it is a spectator sport.This is passivity deluding itself it is engagement.We have contracted our lives out to politicians,people who any sane person would not trust with used toilet paper.Handing out blank cheques to politicians,this is the essence of democracy.It really Is possible to fool all the people all the time apparently.

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There is nothing wrong with defaulting on the national debt and that is better than leaving it for the unborn to pay off placing them in defacto indentured servitude. The State would no longer be able to borrow but that is exactly what the doctor ordered anyway.We want the State to have its credit cards torn up don't we?