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Except that the welfare state has attracted more rubbish to our shores, the kids are indoctrinated at Pre-school and we have a moronic goat herder as PM. Rudd is such an embarassment.

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Despite all the evidence against the hysteria of anthropogenic climate change many still many believe the lies that have been put forward by the IPCC and Socialist Govts. everywhere. The IPCC is a giant cocktail jig full of misfits pushing an agenda. Scientists of the fringe and third world Govt.s will push this lie of man made climate change as they will reap more aid striaght from our pockets.

The African continent is a hopeless experiment gone wrong and a s case in point. Since independence the West notably Britain have forked out $500 billion in aid but this money has only worsened poverty. Corrupt Govt.s will reap a windfall while the poor black is left in perpetual poverty by their nepotistic and brutal Govts. Throwing money at financial quadriplegics like the third world will only create even more problems and also give dictatorial Totalitarian Leaders wealth to build more palaces. I can just see that black gorilla; Mugabe rubbing his hands in joy.

There is no science behind an ETS except man made lies. When you consider that 'greenhouse gases' make up less than 3% of air and out of that 3% only 2% in Co2 and out of that small amount of Co2 only 3.5% is man made. The IPCC along with various Govts. have manipulated the data gone into 'climate models'.