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To quote Michael Howard.......He was once the future!

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A simple but rather elegant solution is this.

No more than 10% of any bonus from a quoited company to be paid in cash - the rest to be awarded in shares held in escrow ( suspense account i think you get what i mean?) for 5 years after which time they can be vested. The shares award can, of course, be rolled annually giving the long-term incentive that many many companies have abandoned.

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This is business, not a family gathering. In business you are given a task and you either perform your role as the CEO has asked ......or you get fired.

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Deftly put. Thank you

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The problem all stems from no consensus now ever being possible. On anything! I know hindsight is a wonderful thing but even without the benefit of this it should have been a statement of the obvious that before any negotiations were to begin with the EU that a pan-parliamentary consensus should have been sought - and yes this would have meant some fierce arguing with Labour, Libs and SNP but once a consensus had been agreed to then the rest would have been so, so much easier.
The problem is insurmountable. Changing leader wont change a jot. A General Election is NOT the answer. I think we have to take a deep breath, admit is isn't what we want (in this form), stop the exit for the moment and START AGAIN.
You have to be adult about this.
You also have to be big enough to admit you got it wrong and starting again is the only option. It will drive the EU nuts, but tough. The no deal hard exit shudl, as the saying goes, focus the mind wonderfully.

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It is fairly evident that we are now at one of those generational defining moments - similar to Maggie or Bliar winning. Public opinion outside of the metropolitan left leaning areas is watching the disaster that is EU immigration and wondering why on the whole it is only single young men suddenly appearing and as has been said above, worrying that the UK way of life is somehow being bastardised and anyone who complains (politely) is immediately accused of being a closet or overt racist merely because they have spent a lifetime paying into the system (on the whole) and all this effort is deemed futile as they see, for instance, housing being simply handed over ahead of those who have patiently waited. Were Mrs May to go for Exit then she is obviously stamping her card as future leader material and proto-Boris opponent. Boris is looking more and more like and blustering old Colonel type who refuses to allow change – such as his Heathrow opposition. Boris has 12-18 months to prove himself or he will join the Heseltine’s of this world as those who could have but who screwed it up….

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There is an underlying and unstated agenda here by the SNP - they are actually maneuvering for a socialist republic. Salmond is the fall guy here it is MS Sturgeon who is the greatest threat. However it must be made crystal clear that once voted for Independence is totally and utterly for good - no return, EVER! There will also be no bail-outs, no more credits, no English support for free prescriptions etc. etc.