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Braak, every good comment section needs its trickster :p

I mean, the commentariat of the Toast is so amazing, it inspires me to be a better person. Sometimes I've felt like I don't deserve to post here because I'm just not nice enough! But I try to absorb the calm, honest kindness and, to the best of my ability, pass it on.

Also now that I've seen what a comment section can be, I accept NO EXCUSES for sub-par comment sections!

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Yeah, that part was distinctly un-delightful.

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Nobody can look at a vagina and tell whether it's had a penis inside it, just like you can't look at a mouth and tell whether it's ever eaten (or given a blowjob, I guess). So if you do lie, no one can tell.

Also, these people were TOTALLY inappropriate with you! They shouldn't drag their weird virginity hangups or political opinions into YOUR MEDICAL APPOINTMENT.

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Gaming! Games are great for escapism because they consume your time and attention and really draw you in, but you don't actually have to think for real and they're not important or emotional. I like big sandboxes, such as Morrowind, Skyrim and The Sims. They are awesome to lose yourself in while waiting for something terrible that you can't do anything about (speaking from experience).

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READ THE POST. It's like a MIL ghost story! I was all "noooo don't go upstairsssss", like watching a horror movie where people insist on going down into the basement.

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Remember when Nicole got obsessed with that Dealing With In-Laws messageboard and posted about it a lot and we discovered the magical world of in-laws forums? Well Reddit has one of those too (as I discovered after the VERY SAME NICOLE tricked us/me into reading r/relationships) and YOU GUYS


(second link contains background but I actually recommend starting with the first bc it's funnier that way)

I feel like I need to triggerwarn you but I don't know for what. Batshit insanity to be sure. And heavy, crazypants incest vibes...

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As I understand it, Scandinavian Muslims follow the sunset/sunrise times of Mecca. Otherwise they would pretty much never get to eat (especially if it's first light of dawn that counts instead of sunrise! There is no actual night this time of year, just a dusk that almost seamlessly flows into dawn).

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You have to close the tag! If you want "this" to be clickable, you write as you did and then put < / a > after "this" to close off the tag. (without spaces of course)

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No. Anxiety isn't a sign of anything. That's why it's anxiety. If it really had something important to say, it wouldn't be neuroticism - it would be insight. If an anxious person assumes that any anxiety is a True Sign of Truth, their life will get very complicated very quickly. Anxious butches exist! Why wouldn't they?