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Exactly! The nation would not be in the condition it's in (perpetual debt) if the "left vs. right" wasn't a phony facade. Obama and the "conservative" phonies are one in the same being whored by the same banking interests.

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He's not a real conservative, he's a Neocon/Trotskyite schooled in the art of radical communism/collectivism parading as a conservative. Breitbart, like any Nazi, believes in the power of the state and wars without end two very communist ideologies. These phony CONservative should be identified, exposed and then neutralized.

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"our" supply routes? Who's land is that anyway? And closing down supply routs on THEIR land after NATO kills 24 of THEIR soldiers can hardly qualify as hostile. What the heck is the US doing there anyway? Is Afghanistan the 51st state?

And speaking of taxes. Who do YOU pay taxes to? Is Sharia making you pay taxes to the IRS? LMAO! 33% of your income goes right to the Federal Reserve through the IRS as "income" taxes. So for 1/3 of the year YOU ARE A SLAVE to the people that own the FED. I think the Koran is the lest of our troubles.

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Anyone who thinks Mohammed's sword is that powerful needs to get his head check out!

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Now think REAL hard. At what point in recent (not talking about medieval times) did the Muslim nations show hostility towards the West? I'd say it was near or around 1948 when obviously Israel was mandated into place by the criminals at the Rockefeller created United Nations. To alleviate this hostility wouldn't a reversal of this mandate be in order?

Now thing doubly hard! What nation has constantly bombed it's neighbors in the Middle East since it's inception? The answer is obvious. You know it to be true in your guy or else you wouldn't have suggested it as a solution.

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It's not a well known fact for obvious reasons but yes the criminal class that controls Washington is the same criminal class responsible for feudalism.

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We (or the US military industry) isn't reacting. That is a scam you believe in. The US is waging an offensive war on the Middle East to cut off oil supplies to China and Russia. That is the ultimate goal, to curtail the growth of China and renege on the money we owe them. The Muslims are unfortunately in the way and are being systematically eliminated. That's the strategy in a nutshell.

This is what is unfolding before your very eyes yet you want to fixate on a battle that had very little relevance in history. The actual French revolution had more significance since that's where the bankers finally overthrew a monarchy.

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I got around it but seems we cannot mention anything about the "kosher" nostra here, LOL! Oh well.

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Who cares about that junk. World War 3 is about to start and you're worried about ancient history:

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Who cares about what's going on half way around the world. If we minded our own business stuff like this wouldn't happen: