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Wrong neotoy lady.. the one you're looking for is Rick Gurolnick.

Try his linkedin profile for better results:

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2010 Transformation addendum:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, all previous comments were lost when the comment page was moved from the home page to its own new page. Sorry about that. Apparently Intense Debate code and hence the comments are associated with the original URL and cannot be moved. The good news is that the new location is permanent, so any comments made from this point onward will remain, as long as Intense Debate continues to exist anyway! Thanks for partisipating in the project. -neo

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So what you are essentially saying is that Windows 7 is like a refined version of Vista, which was undeniably a step backwards from XP. Sounds like we are right back where we started. I've been using Windows 7 for about 3 months now, just moved to the RC build 7100.. Your evaluation covers the most basic functionality, but completely glosses over the most important selling point of W7, namely that PCs are not Macs for a reason. If I wanted a better OS I would have bought a Mac. The whole value of windows is not the generic fundamentals, but rather the extensibility and diversity of the platform as a whole. A dumbed-down OS is not a better OS, it's just a dumber OS.

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One thing that is not mentioned very often is the status of Infrastructure design itself. While I applaud the general concept of "upgrading" our national infrastructure; the problem of outdated infrastructure models/methods is of equal or greater importance. I suggest a special task force allocated specifically to addressing the modernization of our (in many cases) archaic infrastructure design.

It's not enough to simply rebuild things using the same general templates that served us well in the past, when resources were plentiful and environmental concerns were primarily ignored. We need new, superior templates for the 21st century; utilizing 21st century materials and 21st century ecological awareness.

For example, using asphalt and tar based compounds for highway construction.. even though this practice is still common, it is one that needs to be phased out due to environmental issues. It doesn't make sense to rebuild infrastructure, if the methods that are used will only sustain recurrent problems and dependencies that frankly should have been retired decades ago.