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I would love to see Twilight and Luna falling in love with each other. Luna because of how much Twilight has done for her, and for Twilight Luna is the mysterious, adorkable princess of the night she loves to study, perhaps Luna cements her place in Twilight's heart during an episode or heck even during the do princesses dream of magic sheep episode. almost everyone of the mane6 barely greeted Luna with any enthusiasm, but when Twilight sees Princess Luna, she is practically ecstatic about it, it's not the first time either in Luna eclipsed Twilight was enthusiastic in greeting her as well. so maybe twi is holding a candle for the night mare.

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I call shenanigans that is twilight sparkle's human love interest.

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I. am. a pony fan. I will... voice pony.... it will. be.... awesome. *bombastic hoof flailing* Listen. to my...spoken word version of. all your. favorite pony songs... ruining them.. for future gene...rations. KHAAANNN!!!!

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about bloody time it's only been several years since they released and us Netflix gets new pony instantly on Saturday it pisses me off.

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maybe the unicorn (that is so obviously celestia) wanted a mate and targeted dipper. Let the celestia dipper shipping commence!

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I think it is more likely, considering they are canterlot ponies, that twilight's royal status is going to get in the way more than pinkie.

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death and war are so cute, pestilence and famine can fuck right off.

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oh Luna! I bet that's thrackerzod possessing applebloom!

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I absolutely hated her, I hate her type so much. There is no such thing as equality of outcome, there is no equality between sexes or individuals because we are a gender dimorphic species and we are truly each unique, there is equality of opportunity,law and beginning. Those are the only types of equality one should be striving for. and her goal was made all the worse by destroying each ponies uniqueness i hope she never comes back.

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Trixiexmaud was caused by foudouble.
Twixie and twidash tied first.
Trixie x Maud
Spiraty as long as spike is aged
Fleetfoot Mac and fluttermac tied
Lyrabon vinylxoctavia are tied 6th
In fanfics
Lero x rainbow x lyra x twilight (xenophilia by anon author published by anon pony dashie)
Miles eramita x Luna (man of war by tallest brony)