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In the same chapter in verse 13, they are told to honour the year of Jubilee, where all property is returned to the original owner.
13 In the year of this jubile ye shall return every man unto his possession.
How many years since Israel was established, and the Palestinian population first dispossessed?

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I wonder if this is the reason the UK is sucking up to the US with gestures such as delivering up Julian Assange as a sacrifice?

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Blockading a country is an act of war. Seizing the exports to Venezuela of other countries is an act of war, not only against Venezuela, but AGAINST THE COUNTRIES whose exports were seized. Does the rest of the world not understand this? The US is committing crimes against more than Venezuela by imposing this blockade. It is also breaking international law in not allowing foodstuffs to be delivered.

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Sorry, I tried to edit my last comment and it came out as a muddle of code.
A government is allowed to sanction another country by neither importing goods from, nor exporting goods to, that country. However, a government that is preventing others from trading with the country sanctioned is blockading that country, which is a recognised act of war. The misuse of key words is a propaganda tactic.

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I tried four times to share this to FB. Each time my timeline was scrapped and it didn't post. I posted the youtube link and it went through. I think FB doesn't like ICH. I don't like being censored.

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I agree with you except for one thing. There was no declaration of war, so it was not a war crime. It was simply 290 acts of murder.

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I don't know if he is capable of that, but I believe that playing 4-D Chess would be the only way for a US president to get his own legislation through Congress without it being shot down.

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I must say, this sounds like a great strategy to get the troops home! :P Setting conditions that ensure the host countries send the US troops home themselves! Trump secretly fulfils a campaign promise while looking as if he was trying to satisfy the hawks and economists.

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You have to get behind someone if you're going to stab them in the back.

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It is my personal opinion that the best thing the Australian government can do is boost the numbers of employees in the immigration department so that these people, who are desperate for a safe life in a relatively prosperous country, can be processed as soon as possible. Those with a criminal history, or who commit a crime once on Australian soil, or who do not attend classes to learn English and Australian cultural norms in order to assimilate into Australian society, can be deported. Surely that would be deterrent enough for the small proportion of 'bad guys'? Creating gulags outside the country is not the answer.

I know that this is rather sweeping, and there are many, many more factors to consider, but surely that is a beginning? Processing on Australian soil?