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A masonry teacher and four students have been arrested on allegations that attempted sodomy was part of a brutal hazing in masonry classes at a Southern California summer school, according to police.

Wow, now that's a tough school. I have been teased, pushed, punched, and humiliated by my peers in my school days but never eff'd in the a. I wonder what tattoo you get for getting into that club?

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In February 2011, a man convicted of raping and killing a 4-year-old boy in a mosque bathroom was executed by firing squad in Dubai. It was the first time in three years the UAE had put a prisoner to death.

I just can't hate on them for this. Death seems like a harsh penalty and you KNOW they'll plea it down do something else but it sends a message doesn't it? How many more foreigners are going to try to deal drugs there? Wish we would do the same to drug dealers that come here from across the border as well as carry out death penalties for rapists and murderers. Places like that tend to have harsh penalties for other things though, like being a woman who's not covering her face, not going to church, saying things your neighbors don't agree with, etc. But damn, there's gotta be a middle ground between our legal system and theirs.

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Busted! Awesome live video KATU, thanks.

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Wow, I remember when I was a kid and keeping us in line was as simple as threatening to put an infraction on our "permanent record". *shudder*

I guess those days are far, far, far, far behind us.

Ah well, lock them in a permanent jail cell.

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in 2002, Wallace was arrested after escaping from nearby Geiger Corrections Center.

Following his arrest, Wallace was allowed to leave jail without posting bail May 31 for inpatient drug treatment in Spokane Valley, while awaiting trial in the heroin trafficking case, the newspaper reported

Waiiiit a minute. This guy had a history of escape and they let him waltz out of jail and expected him to just be an good, honest, drug-dealer-addict?

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Reason number 602,233,397 why I would never live in India.

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We've seen cases in the past where parents are accused of battering their children for cases where the child actually did fall or get beaten up at school or rough-housed once to much with the family dog. I personally am conflicted where doctors get involved with injuries to children without knowing anything but what the child's condition is then and there. I'm sure it saves some unfortunate kids but it also gets innocent people arrested for doing nothing but bringing their kids in for medical attention. When my daughter broke her arm when she slipped off the rings, the doctor and nurses in the ER treated us like we were possible felons. I'll reserve judgment pending a better investigation than some single doctor's opinion.

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Go Google! Hold strong in your fight against cen. .aIAD&#@(E#YU F... *CONNECTION LOST*

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"I've seen (the birds) eating the Styrofoam, pecking at it. We have some feathers normally, but not like this. There are a lot of dead bodies, so there is a concern," Kathy observes.


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That would look awesome with a cape!