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Well , God speed , and may the winds be favourable on your noble journey back there, Bob.

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There is indeed, BOD, old chap. Furthermore, by and large, we're a decent sporting bunch who are quick to lend a helping hand.And so i feel obliged to offer a constructive critique of your post , sporting bloke that i am.Granted, punctuation trails far behind oval ball exploits in the rugger schools of South Dublin ,but spare a thought for those lonely question/exclamation marks looking for a home, they'll do right by ya, mark my words.
Otherwise, posts like your latest gem , at best, merely rise to the level of non sequitor, more's the pity . Toodle pip.

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H'up De Hoops, pride of the L.O.I. .

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I'm beginning to think, West, that you just don't care for De Hoops .

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Well said, Bel.

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Very, very well said, Frank Stapleton

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That's one way of looking at it , Flowers. But as one of the 'etc.', i'd have to temper my appreciation of it with the nagging doubt that you've " something in the air" to go with those , fulloooowers in your hair, perhaps it's just a Haight/ Ashbury thing ?Depending on the wind direction, Berkley might be a lost cause too.

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Failte ar ais aris , a Phol.As you can see, the L.O.I. detractors still don't the inclination or the wherewithall to invest in decent bait. Some cheap, environmentally questionable lures from a far flung Chinese province can never come close to a live eel. There are none so blind.....

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Please tell me , Paul, that you've overindulged in adult beverages, or had a dose of th'oul insomnia when you typed this.There's inches past the post headers, but hurling yourself headlong at the net when the ball's long been hoofed up the park is as headscratching, as it is regrettable .But, it's Friday,,, any thoughts on the meaning of life, the possibility of an afterlife ?Your, uh, alternate take on things would be much appreciated, cheers, N. Garvey

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Perhaps, if you translated it into the tongue of that despicable 5% lurking with intent in " the r.o.i." , he might understand you ?