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The only thing I see on this site is Newt's picture. Most parties that day are starting at 6:00pm, not noon. Noon my be ok for the retired or unemployed, but doesn't work for the working tax payers. I think Newt is sponsoring ALL tea parties, not just one.

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You asked how they got all those busses: It was managed through one of the Community Orgainzatins and paid for by our tax money. That is how Obama brought all those buses to the various campain and voting places. That is how he is fighting us now - like last weekend. The stimulus bill made LOTS of money avaliable to these organjizations.

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I am a 65 year old male American citizen who is still working a full-time job. I had planned to retire next year at age 66, but I have now lost 60% of the money I saved for retirement. At retirement I had planned to sell our current house, which has a mortgage, and buy a smaller one which would be paid for. That house has now lost value to the point this will not work.

I have NO resources to contribute other than my strong desire to assist, but I want to help organize and participate in a “We People March on the Capital”. We should gather 3+million (or more) folks to surround the white house and capital building and demand a stop to this CRAP.

We MUST ACT NOW! If we keep waiting, things will be so screwed up it will be impossible to undo them.

Any suggestions on how I should proceed or where I might find some assistance?