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OMG!! I have been absent from the blog for a while (busy here on the farm, you know. In fact, we are in the throes of lambing in this heat!). But, in any case, this home is absolutely unbelievably spectacular! I have come back to view something quite different from what I saw in the beginnings. You guys have done an amazing job!

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This is a great video. Love hearing how the house originally evolved, as did the family and its needs. The function of the house was paramount back then I suppose. Now function can be combined, equal weight, with form and aesthetics also! BTW, did she mean to say Atlantic Beach, NC instead of Atlantic, NC? Not sure...this may be a learning point for this NC gal! Thanks.

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Ain't it the truth!!!

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SID: If they use propane, there will need to be an adjustment on the stove. It is now set for natural gas. It's a small adjustment, but one that is absolutely necessary for the gas to flow correctly.

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Folks, this is NC; and the land in eastern NC is flat. There's not a lot you can do when the rain pours in buckets and there is nowhere for the rain to go. It's just too much overload. The good thing is that there is sand and sand is porous. It won't take long for the soggy ground to dry up. You should see the mud puddles on this farm! I invite you to take your shoes off and squish your toes in it!

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Today is Wed., Feb 27 and the sun is shining!!! Let's do a jig!! I see the roofing is going that metal roofing on the porch? I can't zoom in anymore. Whatever, it looks great. Re: guest bedroom furnishings. I suppose the furnishings are second to the fact that folks like things to look and be clean and crisp. I think some of the color choices give that clean, crisp feel. And the oars also address another issue that guests will want---they want to feel that they are at the beach. While the owner may eventually tire of too much "beachiness" in the decorations, certainly a guest will want to be made to feel he/she is on vacation. So, I think you guys are doing a Good Job!

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Oh wow....I've been busy on the farm a couple of days and can't believe how far along you guys have come! Looking great.

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Well today is Tues., Feb 19; and the cam is showing your guys putting the roof on the porch...hard at work. It's supposed to Can you believe how much rain we are getting? But it's not stopping you guys. For this farmer, it does not bode well for the summer. We get about the same total amount of rain every year, on average. So if we get it all in one season, it means the other seasons are very dry. I see a hot and dry summer ahead of us. It can get very hot here in NC. That porch will serve the new owner well next year.

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Oh Dear. Is Mel short for Melanie?? Sorry 'bout that Mel. If I don't know the gender, I usually use the masculine. That's how we were taught (in the dark ages), but my understanding is that there has been some discussion of using a gender neutral pronoun. Kudos to that!

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Ok....tired of waiting! Here's a link: