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Thank you Luis. Interesting that training and corporate career planning has evaporated around the world. I think it has a lot to do with budgets -- and the fact that long term investment has left so many aspects of our cultures. Also, would "Donde estan los talentos?" have been more appropriate? I've been worried about this since I posted yesterday! ;-)

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Steve, Your comments are right-on. Especially about giving the Company the ability to recruit more experienced talent with the interim opportunity, and work them into the permanent position. My focus group was skewed by interim-CEOs who are consistently interim. I'll revisit your comments in an update to the above in later postings! TW does not have an Interim CEO LOB, but we are certainly flexible in our offerings!

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Absolutley! Unfortunately, ego and emotion often get in the way of evaluating real talent. Luckily, I've never had a client with this issue -- but I've seen it often from team/peer evaluations during the interview process. Luckily again, my clients have been aware of it, and manage it well.

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Coincidently, I just read an article (and mentioned it in my blog) in the July/Aug issue of Atlantic Monthly, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Along the same lines of ability to concentrate for a period of time. MANY people in my life don't quite understand my need for thinking time. I tend to have to escape for a walk, lock myself in the car -- or other small private spaces!

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Yes. It works great when the Founder, BOD and Headhunter work closely together. The dynamics of the search process are closely observed by the candidates – at least the good ones. If they observe any tension, they’re asking about it, and make their decisions accordingly. The key is to bring in a successor who absolutely respects the contribution and accomplishments of the Founder! NN

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Thanks Patricia and Ro! Please subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom of the Blog Page.

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Awais, A novel concept! However, all that sand may become annoying :) Managing a geographically diverse workforce is yet another leadership challenge. In the case of the "respected lead programmer" to which you refer, in depth interviewing and referencing is required to ensure the work ethic is there. When I was managing the WW team at Siebel, I had both great success stories with staff working a bit too remote -- and some disasters! One guy, in South America, didn't call me for 3 weeks -- didn't return MY calls -- I was amazed.