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I respectfully disagree with you. Please do not take offense. The United Nations did not create the state of Israel. Israel is the only piece of real estate in the world that was deeded to the Jewish people by God.

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It is obvious Congress has to much time on their hands. Focusing on an issue like the Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act tells me their priorities are not directed to our best interests. It's time to send them all, (republicans and democrats) to the unemployment line.

We must find political candidates with integrity and honesty and run them for office representing a party other than the "good ole boys" that are marching this country toward socialism.

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I no longer believe either party, (Republicans or Democrats) are capable of truly representing the people and defending the Constitution of this great nation. I am a Republican in search of a new party. I have researched the Libertarian party but disagree with their values on religious grounds. I am now considering the Constitution Party. At first glance, it appears to have the belief system in place to turn our country around.

You can visit their site and read their platform at: