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Keep in mind this is the same state lottery that cost the taxpayers of PA $32 million in FY 08 on advertising to convince people like the guy profiled in this article to buy more lottery tickets.

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The article states the following: "Specter’s big worry: That Holder could be as rotten at the top of DOJ as Alberto Gonzales."

How can any Attorney General ever be as rotten as Alberto Gonzales?

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I first met Judge Allen in 2003. I found her to be an exceptional candidate, which is why I supported her in the 2007 race. I do not know all of the potential candidates and will not make a firm commitment until we know the names of all of the candidates. With Judge Allen in the field of hopefuls, I feel good about the possibility of having a candidate who is trustworthy, talented, and experienced on the GOP ticket.

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This doesn't surprise me one bit.

It's too bad that Commissioner Balya would reply to a constituent in such a manner.

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I am glad to see the liberal bastion of NJ actually making a wise decision for a change. I hope that other states in the Union follow their lead.