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Squash and apples

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"Clearly deceptive" ranks among the lamest, most whiny complaints in the history of sports.

Deception is at the heart of team sports.  From hiding a pitcher's grip on the ball to the no-look pass to fake punts, it is in integral part of every sport.

Harbaugh is just ticked that Belichick found a legal way to trick the opposing team before he did.

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Almost hard to believe considering that Tom Brady is one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game, but Gronk is the game changer on the Patriots offense.  One of those players who completely reinvents the position.  Speed, balance, size and strength, there is no one else like him, pretty much unstoppable.

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Always thought very highly of Mike McCarthy

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Ridiculous to infer double jeopardy would imply.  One of my biggest peeves is all the morons who crawl out of the woodwork to complain about 1st Amendment rights being violated when a company/organization drops someone for comments, thus showing that they have no understanding of the actual amendment and how it applies specifically to government.

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The Top 4 should be pretty easy to figure out, much more so than just the Top 2.  Controversy around 5th/6th is more palatable.

There will always be corruption, all the more so without computers in the equation.  Although taking the computers out of the equation opens the committee up to all the criticism without any outs to blame on the machines.  Never stopped these people before, but the first time something really bad happens it'll ratchet up the pressure for better methods/more teams even more.

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Agree about Brady.  Whether one loves or hates the Patriots, once one steps back and truly watches Brady--not just the numbers and accomplishments, but his actual play on the field, how he has continued to improve 10+ years into his career, how he handles himself off the field and how he leads the team--he is one of a kind and one of the best, ever.

The only equivalent I can think of currently playing in any of the four big sports is Mariano Rivera.  No one likes the Yankees at all who isn't a New York fan, but Rivera is the best ever at his position, one of the classiest guys in sports, and the love he has received across baseball this year has been special to behold--perhaps none more (outside of New York) than at Fenway Park.

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In the Ravens camp solely because of the less whiny Harbaugh--pretty much with you in not giving a rat bird's ass.

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I've come to the conclusion that the Harbaugh brothers just grate me the wrong way--more than any other coaches in the league--and, all other things equal, I don't want to see good things happen for them.

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Had no idea you were at that game!  Very cool.

I know exactly what those seats were like at Three Rivers Stadium.  Probably not that much different from mine at the 1996 AFC Championship Game.  Had back row in right field for the 1994 MLB All-Star Game.