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I agree is it a very informative list and sums up important point quickly. I also think you should include more details in point #2 for think you were right on the spot by mentioning it. It is as critical as it can be the turning point whether a presentation will be a success or not. I also would like your input on how to engage that? How to plan and structure such approach based on your audience knowledge of the subject?

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good job pointing out the advantages. Connecting a poll to a recent topic is also a big plus.

Here is an example if I may add : We ran a poll feature on one of our old websites once last year, it took use few tries to finally come up with the right trick to make it effective. But the outcome was a significant increase in activity throughout the site.

It wont bring you more extra traffic most probably, but it will boost how your visitors and users interact with the site.

One more trick I think might be useful, that the poll itself should be interesting in order to participate in, I ran into a lot of sites where their polls are either boring or hold no "luring" aspect to them.

thanks for pointing this feature out.