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I miss the days when you could see 5 to 10 articles a day... Now we are lucky to see 5 to 10 in a week.

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What color was the goats?

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We need more deletions in the WWEEEE

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So Bronze is 100 times better than you could finish in the Olympics.

Why all the Ronda Hate, She is good for the sport. And we need to hope she succeeds. She doesn't need to be a Brock Lesnar, but it's good for the sport for her to be a top star.

And to be fair, we need to let her have her first match before we judge her. After all look what Kurt did. I'm hopeful she will do well.

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Was there any doubt it was going to be Titus? He is an amazing human being outside of Wrestling!

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Not sure even Steve would get a mulligan in todays WWE..... Back when Steve did it, nobody cared.

But I agree that Rich should of came back, But WWE couldn't let it go. Shame.

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I thought for sure Vader would of been inducted this year! I guess they are going to wait until he passes, That's a shame!

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This list won't be interesting until Someone tries to rig there name in the ballot box! Been a good spot for Heath Slater!

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I'm afraid I have some bad news for you on his name! So glad to see WWE letting Wrestlers keeping the names they have built up for years!

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Has to be an emotional loss for Becky and Sami to lose on Rusev Day like that.