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They made an entire TV series about my former working place, too. It's called "The Office". I should probably refrain from posting pictures...

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As low-number teenager (let's say 12yo), I flew in a Cessna in MS FlightSimulator 4... that world was flat and empty.
As older teenager I actually had the money to buy FS5. I read somewhere that the Spirit of St.Louis flew very low, so I tried the same, and ended in a crash at a map tile border: Charles Lindbergh really was lucky not to smash into a stuck pixel.

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Ah! Pierre Richard, doing the stallion... Seems to be my memories of the 80ies day!

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That buffer.. I worked at a company that made audio and video "furniture" for entertaining children in malls etc. That kind of buffer is more easy on the tape material than the tension necessary to wind it up on reels, and a loop is easily implemented, too. (edit: for multiple copies)
I also learned there that a job that demands education is way more interesting than labelling 2,000 audio cassette tapes.

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Obviously not Palatino.

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Yes, but they should have used Italic.

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I remember my grandfather leasing a Kia or Hyundai mid-90ies, insane concept. Before that he took a 5y-loan for a new (new as in: they came right from the manufacturer) Lada... He got the gist of owning a new car (less surprising cost developments), but never aspired to own something more up-market.
These customers, sigh...

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... with Fiat X1/9 door handles!

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They'll happily replace it over and over again, though!

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I felt two years younger!