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Wow! I'm so happy to hear that! You are not the only 30DC Lady who is getting ready for her first direct sales experience! I hope to inspire many! Make sure that you subscribe to my blog and visit for specific information for consultants. Good luck and I will see you at the top!

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Hey Josh! Thanks for the Kudos! You definitely GET IT! Having the ability to keep going, and get up each time that you fall is something that not everyone is willing to do. It looks like you are one of those who made a choice to be a winner!

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Great job, Melody of adding even more value to this post! I believe that we all have to just put one foot in front of the other and keep going, no matter what! See you at the top!

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Hey Rosy, Thanks for commenting. Now that you know the "secret" and plan to pass it on, I hope that it brings you abundance in your business and others as well! I appreciate you!

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I have read that book as well. I would recommend it to anyone who feels as though fear is holding them back from moving forward in business or in life. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! I appreciate you!

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Thanks so much! I'm glad that you found value in my message today! Once you understand how to network, it's really fun and beneficial to you no matter what business you are in!

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Social media has a huge impact on businesses and where I choose to spend my money. My airline of choice now is Southwest. Not only do they go "the extra mile" in my opinion, but they are on twitter and I have sent them many tweets regarding my travel experiences and all have been answered promptly.

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Although I needed some help from my son in doing the upgrade, I love the new WP 2.7. I am finding that not all the plugins work, but if you can list the ones that you know work or have been updated, that would help us alot. Thanks so much!

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I agree about the UGGS- they look like house slippers. The CROCS I felt that way until I tried on a pair- comfort is everything! I have 2 pairs, but once you have them, you don't need anymore, so I can see why the sales are down. Mules and pointy toes are so out of my closet! ( well they are still in there,but I don't see myself wearing them any time soon! (it's hard for me to part with shoes) Great article. BTW- I'm sending out your holiday card from the twitter card exchange!